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New books:

* The Seat of Magic: A Novel of the Golden City by J. Kathleen Cheney I've read the first one and have been really looking forward to this one.
The mesmerizing sequel to The Golden City shows the deepening relationship between two non-humans living clandestinely in an alternate early-1900s Portugal.

* Changa's Safari: Volume 2 by Milton J. Davis
Black Gate has a review of this one and it sounds like a really good series.
Changa Diop, Swahili merchant and adventurer, continues his amazing adventures with his crew and companions. The hulls of his dhows laden with treasures of the Middle Kingdom, Changa sets sail for home. But adventure waits at every port, some deliberate, others totally unexpected.

* Exile by Betsy Dornbusch is out in trade paperback.

* Two collections by Theodora Goss are out in print and ebook.

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Thanks for the signal boost! ;o) (And thanks for including the mesmerizing part, but not the rambling. Although I do ramble. Always.)

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