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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Date for Raksura Novellas Volume II

Raksura News: It looks like the second volume of Raksura novellas will be scheduled for April 2015. (first one is out on Sept 2 this year.) It's going to be: Stories of the Raksura: Volume II: two novella collection, with "The Dead City" and "The Dark Earth Below," plus some additional short story reprints. Night Shade Books, ISBN 978-1597805360

We had a huge storm last night with several power losses. Also, the neighbors on one side have a giant vegetable garden, and they've done something to it that's causing rainwater to draining off to miss the stand of trees in the way and come along the fence right up to the side of our house. I've gone out and dug around and moved some landscaping rocks to hopefully deflect it down toward the street, but it's hard to tell how much it will help until the next rainstorm.

Dreamers of Wonder photographer Beth Gwinn will do a photo and interview book of SF/F authors, artists, producers, etc.

Entitlement In Writer Culture by Kait Nolan

Welcome to Rereading Melanie Rawn: The Dragon Prince Trilogy! a re-read by Judith Tarr, at Tor.com

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I'll be watching for it to go live so I can pre-order it.

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