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The Cloud Roads

ArmadilloCon and The Cloud Roads

First, after being out of print for most of this year, the trade paperback of The Cloud Roads is now back in stock or available for ordering at many outlets, including:

Barnes and Noble, Chapters Indigo, Amazon US, Powell's, Mysterious Galaxy, The Tattered Cover, Books-a-Million, Book Depository.com, Waterstones UK, Book Depository.uk, Amazon UK, Amazon.ca, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon Spain, (and all the other Amazons), or look for it it at an independent book store in the US through IndieBound.

It's also been, and still is, available in:

ebook: Amazon Kindle Edition, Baen Webscription eBook (DRM-Free, and cheap), Barnes & Noble NookBook, Kobo, Waterstones UK, Kindle UK, Kindle Germany, Kindle France, Kindle Spain, Kindle Italy, Books-a-Million ebook.

ebook bundle of the Books of the Raksura: Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

Audiobook: Audible.com, Audible UK, and Amazon.com, narrated by Christopher Kipiniak.

eBook and AudioBook also available on iTunes


I had a great time at ArmadilloCon, as usual, though Friday and Saturday were basically two eight hour work days plus socializing.

We got to Austin on Thursday night, and I had the writers workshop from 9:00 am to 4:00, then a panel. I got to critique with Kat Richardson who is awesome, and we had a really good group. After that we went out with a friend for Mexican food at Curra's, which was excellent.

One bad thing that did happen is that while my husband was out driving around on Friday, he was on Lamar Street and heard a loud impact. He looked in the rearview mirror in time to see a car spinning in the air, and then it landed in the median. So that was a big shock. We never found anything on the news about it, so we're just assuming that no one was killed, hopefully.

Saturday was mostly panels, a signing, a reading, and signing the kickstarter copies of Blade Singer. I had a good crowd of about 9 or 10 people for my reading, even though it was at 5:00. I read from "The Dead City" which is one of the Raksura novellas coming out in April 2015. (The cover copy for it is probably going to be: “The Dead City” is a tale of Moon before he came to the Indigo Cloud Court. As Moon is fleeing the ruins of Saraseil, a groundling city destroyed by the Fell, he flies right into another potential disaster when a friendly caravanserai finds itself under attack by a strange force.)

After the reading was done, we went out with a group of friends to a Thai restaurant, that was crowded and noisy, but not very expensive, and the food was incredible. Sunday I didn't have anything to do, so I just hung out and talked to people while my husband was on an astronomy panel. Then we went out to lunch with a friend, and started the drive back home.

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The Cloud Roads is one of my very favorite books ever. Glad to see it in print again. :D

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