Martha Wells (marthawells) wrote,
Martha Wells

Autographed Book Giveaway to Mark Two Occasions

Next month in the first week of September, two things will happen: I'll turn fifty years old, and Stories of the Raksura: Volume I
The Falling World and The Tale of Indigo and Cloud
, my sixteenth book, will be published. (in trade paper, ebook, and audiobook)

To mark these occasions, I'm going to do a book giveaway. (This is also partly to help crowding issues in my book storage closet.) To enter, all you do is:

comment to this post on LJ, DW, or GoodReads (If you're on Tumblr, you can reblog or comment on the Tumblr post) AND tell me which book you're entering for, because there are 9 books available.

If only one person comments for a particular book, you're the winner. And there will be multiple winners for the books with multiple copies.

All books will be signed, and personalized with your name (or someone else's name, if it's a gift) if you want. (You'll have to send me your mailing address. Non-US entries are fine.)

This contest will run at least a week (beginning today August 3), to give people time to find it and enter. (Plus I'm sick and have a fever and want to wait until next week to go to the post office.)

The books available are:

The Gate of Gods in hardcover. 7 copies.
The Ships of Air in hardcover. 2 copies.
The Siren Depths in trade paper. 2 copies.
Star Wars: Razor's Edge in hardcover. 1 copy.
Wheel of the Infinite in hardcover (second edition with non-whitewashed cover) 2 copies.
Emilie and the Hollow World trade paper. 2 copies.

non-English editions:

Wheel of the Infinite in Russian small hardcover (cover seems to be original, but Maskelle is whitewashed) 1 copy.
The Element of Fire in French trade paper. 1 copy.
The Death of the Necromancer in German trade paper. 1 copy.
The Death of the Necromancer in French mass market (not trade paper). 2 copies.
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