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Last Call for Autographed Book Drawing

Today is the last day to enter the drawing for a bunch of autographed books by me. I'm collecting entries from Live Journal, Tumblr, GoodReads, and Dreamwidth. (If you entered somewhere else other than one of those sites I might not have gotten a notice for it.)

Tomorrow (Monday, August 11) I'll close entries, sort them by book, and randomly draw winners. At this point, I think there are entries for each book.


I did one GISHWHES story for someone who asked nicely on Thursday. I appreciate everyone who held off asking earlier, because I really didn't feel well this past week and was struggling just to get my own daily writing schedule done.

I think I'm finally over it now. I went out on Saturday to get envelopes to mail all the books for the book drawing and found a big plastic box tub from a company that labels them "really useful boxes" which turned out to be true, and sparked some more closet reorganization. I was moving stuff around and making a pile for Goodwill and recycling in our guestroom closet and found a sack with a Christmas ornament from Galveston, a ridiculously cute little pirate ship with Christmas lights. The receipt was still in the bag, which told me it was from 2012 and bought with my credit card. I have no memory of this, but obviously bought it as a gift then hid it and forgot about it. It would be nice if all my Christmas shopping got done that easily.


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