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Martha Wells

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Timeline for the Raksura Stories

Here's a timeline showing when all the Raksura stories happen. I think it's right.

"The Tale of Indigo and Cloud" - in the Reaches, before the Time of the Great Leaving

"The Forest Boy" - Moon as a young boy

"The Dead City" - Moon as a young man, after Saraseil

"Adaptation" - sometime later, at the old Indigo Cloud colony in the east

The Cloud Roads - two turns later

The Serpent Sea - eleven days later after the end of The Cloud Roads

The Siren Depths - two months after the end of The Serpent Sea

"Mimesis" - three months after the end of The Siren Depths

"Trading Lesson" - a month later

"The Falling World" - one turn since arriving at the Reaches colony

"The Dark Earth Below" - six months after the end of "The Falling World"

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These are on my hit list! Happy Birthday, again!

You have NO IDEA how much I'm looking forward to reading these.

GAH. I need all of the stories NOW. So excited!!

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