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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate Monuments

(no subject)

I'm missing some winners for the autographed book drawing. They all entered through Live Journal and probably didn't get the notice that they won, because internet. Anyway, they are:

ghost2, squishydish, bigdamncrow, prationality, surreul

If that's you, contact me with your shipping address and whether you want the book personalized and with what name or just signed.


This weekend I mostly reorganized the closet where we keep Halloween stuff plus suitcases. This was pretty successful, and I wish I'd taken before and after pictures. Otherwise, this was a good weekend for feeling depressed. It's lent itself well to that so far.

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Yay! I just sent you a message through livejournal, hopefully it gets through cuz lj hates me sometimes.

Congrats on the closet. I just re-orged my desk last night. oy.

Reorganizing is always depressing because I'm hit smack in the face with the past and must discard lost wishes, dreams and plans. But afterward I can move forward with new ones, which is v. cool.

Yeah, it can be depressing. Though it's worth it for me because it always makes the reorganized place so much easier to use.

Squee! I just sent you a message and gmail, so at least one should reach you. Sorry I missed your earlier notification.

I hope that this week is better for you. I felt pretty cheery after the Hugo Awards were announced; a lot of my favorites won, and none of the pieces/authors I really disliked (well, I thought Equoid was fairly revolting, but I like a lot of Stross' other work, so I didn't mind too much).

I was very happy with the Hugo results; I don't think I realized how stressed I was about it until they started announcing winners. Though yeah, I was hoping that Wakulla Springs would win for novella.

Wakulla Springs was my vote for novella! I loved the progression of connections, the interesting characters and their choices and looking at how different people perceived the same events, the sometimes simply direct and sometimes richly evocative language, really everything about it. I suppose some voters may have thought there was very little of the fantastic about it -- and that what there was could easily be excised without changing the story much -- but as a story about fans and about reaching for dreams (and adapting when they don't work out as expected), I thought it was just wonderful.

eeek! yayness! Did I miss my chance?

How do I contact you in a non public way with my address? I wasn't able to see an email link on your website and the "send a message" on lj isn't working.

Hey, I got your LJ message and sent you one back. I'm not sure if messaging is working right or not.

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