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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate Atlantis

Thursday Bleagh

There's a new book wishlist for the Ferguson MO Library: http://fatgirlreading.com/books-for-ferguson/ Scroll to the bottom of that post for the updated link to the new wishlist. (The library's shipping address is earlier in the post.) (All the books on the previous wishlist were purchased.)


If you missed it, please check out this post for news about Stories of the Raksura Vol I.


I am going to be 50 on Monday. At this point I'm not doing anything for my birthday, as I really can't afford anything, and I've been having problems with depression and not feeling well this month, so didn't really feel like planning anything. (If I could afford it, I'd actually be at DragonCon this weekend.) I thought about going to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which I haven't seen yet, but that will also be labor day so the theater might be crowded. I don't know, maybe I'll do it anyway.

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Definitely go see Guardians! It was a very good movie. Hopefully it will also lift your spirits too.

Also, now that the preorder is on Kobo, I've ordered Stories. Looking forward to it! :)

I think I will definitely go see it. :)

And thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

Happy almost 50! 50 is a really great year of life. I hope you enjoy it!

Guardians of the Galaxy is awesome and definitely worth seeing!

::HUGS:: for the depression. I hope it eases up soon.

Thank you very much! And *hugs*

You should definitely go see Guardians just for a pick-me-up!

I think I definitely will. I've really been wanting to see it.

Happy Birthday early! I do recommend Guardians - and since it has been out for a while the individual theater that it's in probably won't be TOO crowded. *hugs*

I'm so excited for the new book! Having to wait longer for it sucks, but I am still REALLY EXCITED. If the audiobook comes out first I will have to make the difficult decision about whether or not to exert willpower and not listen to it until after I've gotten the book and read it.

Thank you! :) Yeah, I think too if I go to the first show, it shouldn't be that crowded.

So far it looks like the audiobook is coming out on Tuesday also.

Happy Early Birthday!!!

An early Happy Birthday to you!
Looking forward to the book and I hope things get better for you.

Sending wishes for a happy birthday.

I've recently been diagnosed with depression -- replacing a decades-old diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. Oddly, I now feel more cheerful.

Thank you! And yeah, sometimes the diagnosis is tricky.

Happy Birthday for Monday! If you're looking for a birthday treat (which you should, because you utterly deserve one) then Guardians is a fab film; all the SF escapism you want but with heart too.

Hope things start to look up soon.

Thank you! And yeah, I think I'll definitely go see it. From what everyone's said, it sounds like a lot of fun.

I almost went to see Guardians today, but ran out of steam and ended up napping on the couch instead - tackling the pokeweed jungle on the side of the house kinda wore me out. Maybe tomorrow, though! I mainly want to see it because of the adorable Groots I've been seeing all over tumblr :)

Oh yay, it looks like several of the books on the second wishlist have been purchased, too.

The Groots are extremely adorable. :)

I hope Guardians lifts your mood. A small dinner with friends could be a good birthday celebration. Having turned 50 myself this year I know I went through a bit of depression over it and the fact that there really wasn't much to be done for it. My wonderful husband threw me a surprise birthday party which mainly consisted of close friends showing up at the house and chatting and eating pizza. It made me remember that I did have friends and the prospect of 50 wasn't quite so daunting.

That's a very cool idea, good on him for thinking of it.

Go to an early matinee of the movie -- saves money, and the crowds are smaller, too. And the movie will definitely give you a "feel good" experience. :-)

I think I will do that - the first show shouldn't be crowded.

Happy Birthday! I hope that you'll be feeling better by Monday.

Hi Martha - happy almost birthday. The movie has been out for a while, hasn't it? It probably won't be crowded. I really dislike crowds so if I see a movie it's well past the date it first showed. Normally there are only two or three other people in the theator with me, it it's even still in the theator.

I'm actually here on behalf of my son, who's 15. I was googling to see when you'd have more books out and found your Livejournal. I've bought him all your books that are available from audible and he wanted me to tell you how much he loves your work. He thinks the stories are unique, all the characters really good. He likes how the timelines in the different stories are related. He's commented on some of the female characters and how strong they are.

My son is picky about what he reads, and he's never wanted me to comment to an author before. I told him you have more books coming out; hopefully they'll also be available on audible.

Thanks so much for sharing your stories with us.

Oh cool, tell your son I'm really glad he enjoys my books! That's great to hear.

So far, they're all out in audiobook except for the two Stargate Atlantis novels and the two Emilie books. The Raksura novella collection should be out in audiobook on Tuesday.

Thank you very much!

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