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The Cloud Roads

Various Sunday Things

I did get an early birthday surprise yesterday - my husband had arranged a birthday tea at a nice hotel in Houston with some friends, so that was a pretty awesome surprise. There were fancy little sandwiches and fancy little cakes. (The hotel was extremely nice. It had actual pool cabanas which I had seen on TV but never in real life.) So that was a lot of fun.


Judith Tarr is doing online writing classes in October.


This is the second-to-last-day to preorder the ebook (and audiobook, narrated by Christopher Kipiniak) of Stories of the Raksura vol. I, which still looks like it will be out on Tuesday. The trade paperback is delayed a couple of weeks, so you have lots of time to preorder it.

It's available on Amazon Kindle US, Barnes and Noble Nook US, Kobo, iTunes, Kindle Canada, Amazon UK, Kindle Germany, Kindle Spain, Kindle France and all the other Amazons in Mexico, Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, etc. I don't know yet if there will be a DRM-free edition on Baen, I still need to find that out.

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That's an awesome birthday surprise. We both have really good guys who understand this is a hard birthday.

May Stories of the Raksura sell millions of copies!

New raksura stories yay! ...and questions. >.>

I've already preordered Stories of the Raksura, and have been rereading the trilogy in anticipation. :)

Something I've wondered about. In book 2 it seems like Vine and Floret might be switching to Jade's faction, but it's never clarified. In book 3 Floret is one of the warriors who accompanies Jade to Opal Night, which suggests she did switch, while Vine is mentioned as among Pearl's warriors sitting with Ember when Moon goes to talk to him at the end. Did Floret switch and Vine not? I suppose Floret might have been sent by Pearl (though it seems unlikely Pearl would care about getting Moon back,) or Vine could have just been visiting friends in Pearl's faction with Ember (I presume he wouldn't just dump all his former friends even if he did switch to Jade's faction.)

So at the end of book three, who are Floret and Vine attached to? In the same vein, when do warrior's choose factions? Is it entirely their choice? When does a Queen start building a faction? I presume Frost eventually will as well? Any clarification about this aspect of Raksuran politics would be awesome. (Do Arbora choose factions at all?)

Looking forward to the new stories. :)

Re: New raksura stories yay! ...and questions. >.>

Thank you!

I think I made the factions sound more formal than they actually are. In a normal court with no serious conflict between queens, warriors who aren't a queen's personal favorites would probably drift back and forth between groups, depending on what their friends or clutchmates or other relatives were doing, and being in or out of a queen's faction wouldn't have much effect on what "jobs" they were assigned to. (Like a warrior who had already had a lot of experience traveling to other courts would be a preferred companion on any trip away from the court, no matter what faction they were identified with.) The only time it would really become a polarizing issue would be when there was conflict between the queens, like there is between Jade and Pearl in The Cloud Roads. By the third book Jade and Pearl are still not terribly friendly with each other, but they are on the same page as far as what the court should be doing/planning to do. So Floret would go on a long trip with Jade because Floret has previous experience with long trips, and also Pearl would expect her to report on everything that happened once she got back. Vine really didn't like River, but once River becomes less important in Pearl's group at the end of book three, you see Vine basically going back to his old place with Pearl.

Frost would be building a faction, but it would start with warriors she grew up with in the nurseries who had become friends, and would eventually attract friends/relatives of those warriors, or warriors who just liked Frost better and wanted to hang out with her. It would become more important later as Frost gets more responsibility in the court, and needs warriors to help her do things, visit other courts with her, etc. And it is voluntary, no warrior would be told to go be in a queen's faction, though they might be told to go help a queen do something.

I hope that all makes sense! Part of the problem with Moon's POV in the book is that he doesn't have an innate understanding of what's going on with the warriors, and he is also introduced to the system during a period of conflict and decline in the court.

Happy Birthday! Looking forward to the Stories of the Raksura Ebook (pre-ordered) and the Audio Book (in wish list)

EDIT: Ha! already have The ebook 2 hours early (they seem to go by eastern time at amazon)

Going to start reading now :) Thank you!

Edited at 2014-09-02 06:05 am (UTC)

Yay, I hope you enjoy it!

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