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Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Raksura Notes

Thanks to everybody who has already left reviews on Stories of the Raksura vol. I - I really appreciate this.


* As far as I know at this moment, the paperback release is still supposed to be on Sept 16.

* As people have noticed, something is catastrophically wrong with the Stories of the Raksura listing on iBooks. It was up for preorder there, and fine on Monday, but on Tuesday it disappeared. Looking at the listing for the audiobook on iTunes, I'm starting to wonder if the two listings were combined or one overwrote the other, or something. I'll post when it hopefully gets straightened out.

There are still listings for the individual novellas on iBooks -- those are incorrect, and should have been removed months ago.

I'm going to have one of those days that involved errands and running around and waiting and then more running around. (I hope -- if I can't do this first errand, I can't do any of the others.) So this is not going to be a fun day.