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Ardeth Bey


* We went to see Chef on Saturday night, and really loved it. There's a lot in there that will apply to any creative artistic fields, and it shows food as an art form, a hard demanding job, and a way to make people happy. It's a bit slow at the beginning, as he's working up to his fall and his realization that he is really unhappy and needs a drastic change. But once they get to Miami it's a huge amount of fun. And I really wanted Cuban sandwiches afterward and I think the closest non-home-cooked ones are in Houston. Scarlett Johansson is in it, and Robert Downey Jr had a hilarious cameo. (We watched to the end of the credits, hoping there would be a scene with Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, eating a Cuban sandwich.)

* Today is Literacy Day, a good day to do some reading, or read to someone.

* I dreamed last night that my dog hadn't died but was just living with friends for some reason. They brought him to visit and I decided to keep him. One of those dreams where you wake up happy and then remember it was a dream and is not actually going to happen. I have recurring dreams like this off and on, but I think this one was sparked by friends online who lost animals this weekend. Very depressing.

* If you missed it, Stories of the Raksura came out in ebook and audiobook on September 2, and the trade paperback should be out next week on September 16.

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(Deleted comment)

Pre order dates moved again!

Now BN shows Sept 30 and Amazon October 7! It's really starting to tick me off! Is it the publisher, or the actual booksellers? I know Amazon can be real creeps to authors, but is BN doing the same thing? Maybe I'm just slandering them... I've gone and done a drastic thing. I downloaded Nook for PC and plan to buy the ebook. Now, this is a uncharted territory for me. I'm old school, I like to hold the book in my hands, smell the ink, crease the spine (and I still plan to buy the paperback when it FINALLY comes out), so this will be awkward for me for a while. It'll be so worth it though. I read the free preview and I'm tired of waiting!

I've read about the battle between authors and Amazon (Hatchett etc). Would it help to just boycott buying books from Amazon from now on?

Re: Pre order dates moved again!

I think those are just estimates. The last thing I heard from the publisher was that they were expecting the books by the end of this week, which means they'll be shipped to the retailers soon after that. So I'm still thinking it will be the 16th at this point, or at least sometime next week. (At least I'm crossing fingers that's the case.)

I've gotten some ebooks from iBooks, but I like print books better. It's just more tiring on my eyes to read ebooks.

Basically I don't want to tell anyone what to do on the boycott thing, but I personally don't buy any books from Amazon if I can avoid it, and haven't for years. I use B&N, iBooks, or independent stores.

Re: Pre order dates moved again!

OK, that gives me hope. I'll wind back my OCD and browse B & N for the next week or two. No great hardship there. Thanks! :)

I have now received my beautiful signed hardback edition of The Wheel of the Infinite! Thank you so much!

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