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Author's Copies

Here are the traditional author's copies photos:



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I'm anxiously awaiting my chance to buy my copy. Sadly, I think it will have to wait until Amazon decides to let me order it since I have gobs of Amazon credit and all my available cash is going towards replacing my car, which was not an expected activity this week.

Ugh, I hope you can replace the car without too much trouble. My husband's truck didn't start this morning, so it's nerve-racking to wait to find out what's wrong with it.

Well, I picked one up yesterday evening, after talking the seller down a lot on the price. Now I just have to get all the things that I know are wrong with it fixed. I managed to avoid having anything significant damaged by the great hail storm we had earlier this year so I've just gone out and bought a car that has a cracked windshield from the hail storm. Oh well.

I hope your husband's truck doesn't have anything seriously wrong with it. I hate waiting to hear what is wrong. Sometimes the things I think are minor turn out to be expensive while the things that I'm afraid will be big problems turn out to be minor and it stresses me not to know which things will be which.

Those look less like your author's copies and more like your cats'. Will they let you read it? :)

yeah, I was going to say: those are some proprietary kitties! will they at least let you sign them?

I haven't signed any of this book yet, so it'll be interesting to see who gets the first signed one.

And I love your icon!

Thank you! crysothemis made it.

I just bought copies of the first three for a young friend of mine; if there's some way I can get a signed copy of the new one for her, I'd like to do that. Are you mailing out any to various bookstores/cities?

I'm doing a signing at Murder by the Book in Houston on November 8, and they should have copies. They usually do a thing where you can call them or order the book online before the signing, and ask to get the copy signed for you before they ship it.

They're very possessive. :)

Yep. Traditional author's copies photos. Cats. Books. That's about the size of it.

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