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Martha Wells

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Thursday Stuff

It's going to cost $500 to fix the car, which is painful but much less devastating than I was afraid it was going to be. So at least today I'll have a car back! I'll console myself with Project Runway tonight.

Book Stuff

Re above, if people wanted to buy my ebooks reprints of Wheel of the Infinite, The Death of the Necromancer, City of Bones, or The Element of Fire, now would be a good time. (These are self-published reprints, so the money goes directly to me, and gets used to pay my utility bills every month.)

There are a couple more reports of people receiving their preorders of Stories of the Raksura I so that's very exciting! To me, anyway.

On libraries, the_other_sandy says: Just an FYI from a librarian--libraries don't loan out books through interlibrary loan until they've owned it for 6 months so the taxpayers who actually paid for the book can have first crack at it. For the first 6 months after a book is published, you're better off filing a purchase request. Libraries really do take those seriously.

More Appearances:

I'm doing a signing at Murder by the Book in Houston on Saturday November 8 at 1:00 pm. If you aren't in town, you can use this page to order books in advance so the store can get them in and get them signed by me and ship them to you. That includes all three of the Books of the Raksura (including The Cloud Roads which is back in print) and the paperback of Star Wars: Razor's Edge (they might be able to get the hardcover too, but you might have to call them and ask for it). If you wanted to get a set of signed Raksura books, say as a Christmas or other holiday present, for yourself or someone else, this would be a great time to do it.

Other appearances include:

Saturday September 27, 2014.
Martha will be on the Fiction Writing panel at the Waco WordFest, 10:30 am to 11:45, at the Waco Convention Center, 100 Washington Ave, Waco, TX.

Saturday November 15, 2014, at 2:00 pm.
Martha will be doing a signing for Blade Singer with Aaron de Orive, at the Barnes & Noble Arboretum in Austin, Texas.

February 13-15, 2015.
Martha will be a panelist at ConDFW in Dallas, TX.

May 22-25, 2015.
Martha will be a panelist at Comicpalooza in Houston, TX.

I'm hoping to be able to afford to go to the WorldCon in Spokane (August 2015), but I don't know if I can get on programming yet.

Online Writing Classes

* Last chance to sign up for online writing classes with fantasy author Judith Tarr

Some Links

* Beyond Angkor: How lasers revealed a lost city But back in the 1860s Angkor Wat was virtually unheard of beyond local monks and villagers. The notion that this great temple was once surrounded by a city of nearly a million people was entirely unknown.

* In Defense of Clair Huxtable & the Angry Black Woman In TV & Beyond by Janet Mock I think it's hard now for people to realize what a huge important deal Claire Huxtable was on TV back then, just for women in general, especially young women. It was moments like this that led Slate to call Clair Huxtable "one of TV's great feminists" in celebration of The Cosby Show's 30-year anniversary on Saturday. Jason Bailey wrote, "Clair Huxtable was an ideal to strive for. Why would you not want to be—or be with—a proud, brilliant woman who was both a mother and a professional?"

* 100 Year Old Black Film Discovered by Diana Veiga
It's amazing when hidden treasures and gems are discovered! The New York Times reported that what may be the earliest surviving film with a Black cast, made in 1913, was found in the film archives of the Museum of Modern Art.

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Ooh, can we try to do dinner after the Austin signing? And thanks for the heads-up on the signed Raksura books; I've been wanting to pick up a set for my friend's boys.

I so want Kili to win on Project Runway...

Oh, dinner would be nice. We're getting done around 4:00, I think.

I want him to win too! I love his stuff. And I remembered that new Viola Davis show is on tonight too, I'll have to record it.

Oh boo! Here I thought I'd finally get to one of your signings at Murder by the Book, and I'm off to Arizona that day. :-( Next time for sure!

Oh no, I'm sorry you can't be there!

My "Stories of the Raksura" (stupid computer will not let me italicize) arrived yesterday! So naturally I've been spending time reading instead of grading the giant pile of papers threatening to collapse my desk or making out lesson plans or any one of a hundred things that I NEED to be doing. I never did have any willpower when it came to reading and a Raksura story will take precedence every time. I wish it was a huge series and I still had fifty more books to read. Or maybe not. Then I'd really never get anything done.

Okay, enough chit chat. I have to go see what Moon is up to. Thanks for writing such awesome books by the way.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

I just received my paper copy of Stories of the Raksura I, so it came in some time in the last week. (I don't get packages regularly; I stop by and collect them every so often.) It's good to see it this way -- it came in on my Kindle on the release day, so I've already read it, but it's one of those I like to have in my physical library as well. That way it won't be lost when the batteries on the Kindle finally run out in the wake of the zombie apocalypse...

Glad it got there!

I've read some ebooks, but I really find I like print books better. Though if I had an actual ereader instead of just using my laptop, it might be different.

I don't do much proper reading on the laptop, either. The Kindle screen is a lot kinder to my eyes.

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