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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

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Stargate Monuments

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Some news: publisher Angry Robot has been sold. This is the publisher who shut down the Strange Chemistry line earlier this year, and published my books Emilie and the Hollow World and Emilie and the Sky World.

I’m very glad Emilie and the Sky World finished off the characters' story and didn't end on a cliffhanger (though not many people ever found out the book was published) since there won't be any more books in the series. As far as public opinion goes, this publisher has pretty much gotten off easy. I got off easy too, as I did get paid and my books were actually published and available, unlike a lot of the other YA authors, especially the debut YA authors. I hope the sale means those YA authors whose questions and requests and pleas for information about the situation were ignored up until this point will now be paid the money they're owed and get the rights to their books back so they can try to salvage something from the mess. I'm not holding my breath, though. At this point, I'll be relieved for them if it happens, but not surprised if it doesn't.

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The demise of Angry Robot has been a difficult process to watch. So many writers have their careers shot down. I know that this has been hard for you, but I also know that this isn't really a new experience for you.

Yeah, I'm fine, basically. The whole situation just sucks, though. *hugs*

What would I say to someone who wants to buy this book?

Um, I'm not sure? There are still copies at B&N.com and Amazon.

I don't know if being sold is necessarily a demise.... The article said all staff are keeping their jobs, so that would seem to imply that they expect things to carry on. Losing Strange Chemistry was pretty sad, though. :(

Yeah, what happened with Strange Chemistry was the worst part.

A bummer for all you. Hard enough to get published without the companies going under (and taking you with them). I really enjoyed the Emilie books and was looking forward to more about her and/or set in the world. I do know that at least Eliza Crewe got the rights back to both her Strange Chemistry titles Cracked and Crushed, as she is self-publishing them as e-books, according to her blog. I was excited for this since I was looking forward to the second book in the series and bummed it would probably never see the light of day.

Thank you. I know several of the authors got their rights back already, so I'm really hoping the rest do too.

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