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Stargate Atlantis


The last few days I took a short vacation to Galveston with my husband and friends. It's usually a really cheap trip for us, since it's only a few hours drive, we go in the off-season, we stay at an older condo building on the beach that rents out apartments for hotel rooms so you can share with several people and still be comfortable, etc. We had a good time, but there were some things that went wrong, mainly one friend had to cancel due to a death in the family, another had a bank transfer go wrong, then on the second to last day our car broke down and needed a new battery and a water pump. (The last went way better than it could have because the service department of the local Toyota dealership was extremely helpful and worked extra hard to get it fixed quickly so we didn't have to pay for an extra day or half-day at our hotel.) (It's a really good car, but it's nine years old and starting to feel its age.)

We did get to go swimming a few times, though the water was a little cool, and we did the harbor/dolphin boat tour and the dolphins started surfing in the wake of our boat.

Also, a huge storm came up on Monday afternoon. Half of it hit while we were in the rainforest exhibit pyramid at Moody Gardens. There are small openings at the top of the glass pyramid to let the rain in, so it actually rained while we were in the rainforest, so that was pretty cool. (It's a great exhibit anyway, designed so you start at the top and walk down through the canopy to the forest floor, and there are three different bat exhibits, one in a bat cave, and a giant leaf ant hive, and lots of other neat things.)

The rain backed off a bit and we went to go eat, but when we were sitting on an upper balcony at a place on the Sea Wall, another huge storm came up, so we moved inside. It cleared off very quickly, but we started to hear sirens on the way back, and when we got to our hotel, we started to see the beach emergency trucks driving up and down the beach, a rescue jet ski crossing back and forth in the waves, plus a search boat, and the coast guard helicopter flying low over the water. Yeah, not good signs. One of our friends had gone out for a walk on the beach when we got back, and she came in and said the emergency vehicles were all meeting up just down the beach from us at the end of the island where some fishing jetties are, and she had seen things like brand new unopened drink cans and pieces of a cooler washing ashore. We found out a small boat had wrecked and one person was unaccounted for. A little later they found him near the south jetty, not alive.

So it was kind of a stressful vacation, though it could have been a lot worse. (I got to see part of the moon eclipse because I was awake at 5:00 am stressing about the car!) Also very expensive, with the car problem, though that would have happened anyway at some point.

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Sorry the vacation wasn't up to snuff.
However you're making me think Galveston isn't all its said to be - and I only moved to Houston a year and a half ago.

Um, I'm not sure what you mean. We always have a great time in Galveston. It's our favorite vacation place.

Well, I assume no T-Rex loomed out of the rain forest, and no ebola infected bats bit you, so you can call it a win! ;)

Yes! We actually saw a lot of neat shops and galleries and ate a lot of good food, so it was a win.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! I think we were lucky it happened at the end of the trip instead of the beginning.

I'm sorry your vacation turned out to be so stressful. The rainforest pyramid sounds interesting though.

The rainforest pyramid is pretty fantastic. They also have an OmniMax, a kids' science discovery pyramid and an aquarium pyramid, plus some traveling exhibits.

I'm so sorry your vacation added stress rather than take it away. Galveston is such a neat place it's terrible to have a trip there marred like that.

I'm sorry you had car trouble. Never fun.

How cool about the dolphins.

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