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Book Fair, Book Recs, and Links

I've been waking up very early with anxiety issues this week, so basically ugh.

Book Fair

The annual Book Fair for Ballou SR High School has started. The school's library is badly underfunded, and while it's now in a new building, there is still no money for new books. At the link you can find the link to the school's Powell's wish list, and the direct address to the school librarian where you can ship the books, including SF/F, graphic novels, mystery, YA, non-fiction, and pretty much everything. Most of the books on the list are under $20 and some are under $10.00. If you can't afford a book, please pass this info on.

Book recs

* Fool's Gold: A Sabina Kane Novella by Jaye Wells

* The Black Ship by Diana Pharoah Francis
Thorn is a member of the Pilot's Guild—those who possess the magical ability to navigate Crosspointe's deadly seas. When a malevolent master within the Guild bans him from the sea, it seems his life is over. Then he is kidnapped and forced to serve aboard the rogue ship Eidolon—pitch black from bow to stern—and Thorn finds himself battling a mad captain, a mutinous crew, and the terrifying magic of the sea.

* The Time Roads by Beth Bernobich
A fantastical nineteenth century alternate historical steampunk romp from Beth Bernobich, the critically acclaimed author of the River of Souls trilogy.


* Female Sci-Fi and Fantasy Authors Went Ignored for Far Too Long, and It's Time You Paid Attention by Marie Lu

* For a long list of women writers The List of Non-European Fantasy by Women

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I finally finished the book you sent from your contest, Gate of Gods, and liked it a great deal! Thank you again!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

The Time Roads sounds interesting!

Yes, it looks really good.

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