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Art Talk, Links, Questions

Early this morning I got to see the second sketch by Matthew Stewart for the cover of Stories of the Raksura II: The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below (April 2015) and it is also gorgeous. I can't wait till we can finally show the finished version to people.

If you missed it, here's the final version of his cover for The Cloud Roads with two earlier versions on his site. (He won the Chesley Award for best paperback cover art in 2012 for it.)

In related news, there is a another GoodReads giveaway for Stories of the Raksura: The Falling World & The Tale of Indigo and Cloud

Couple of articles:

* We are all living among the dead by Annalee Newitz, on death and loss as we get older.

* The Guardian: Feminist games critic cancels talk after terror threat Anita Sarkeesian cancels talk at Utah State University over threats of 'the deadliest school shooting' in US history


And I haven't done this in a (long) while, but if anyone has a question, a general question about publishing (how it works, agents, etc), or a question about my writing, or my books, or cats, or anything else I've been doing, ask in this post and I'll try to answer it.

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On the Sarkeesian article...

She didn't cancel because of the threats--horrifically enough, they weren't that atypical for her--but because the police would not do anything to violate Utah's open carry laws. As at least one person put it, the Second Amendment trumped the First Amendment. If the police had been willing to suspend gun rights in the wake of a credible threat, she would probably have gone ahead. It's not like police are in the business of protecting people, after all.

So sick of the misogynist gamer troll brigade and worthless-to-malignant police forces that support or reinforce racism/sexism/homophobia.

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