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John and Teyla - Uh Oh

First Two Question Answers

It's a depression and sinus headache day, so let's do questions!

Here's the first two question answers from the previous post:

* nthngtoseehere asked I am re-(re-re-re-re-re-re-)listening to the books on audio during my commute, and having all kinds of rambly thoughts about how the stories/events/characters would look through other characters' eyes (I make my own fun! :P). I know you took a shot at writing from Jade's perspective and decided to stick with Moon's POV, but do you ever compose scenes from another POV for...whatever reason? Fun, or to think things through, or whatever?

No, not really. The POV controls so much about the scene, and the information that the reader is getting, I like to stick with the one I'm going to use in the final version. The reason for this in the Raksura books is that since Moon didn't grow up in Raksuran culture, his view and interpretation of it is very much affected by that. He misinterprets things, is wrong about things. That changes as the books go on, as he learns more and gets more comfortable. So to keep it straight in my head I really have to stick with his POV and not show alternate responses to scenes that he's in.

With other books that had more than on POV, I've occasionally had to re-write scenes where it felt like I'd tackled them from the wrong perspective.

* trobadora asked Which one of your books was the easiest to write? Do you know why?

City of Bones was a lot of fun to write and went fairly quickly. It was my second novel, first time to invent an alien species and have an alien main character (Khat), and since I wasn't basing it closely on any particular time and place, I felt a lot more free to just do whatever I wanted.

The Ships of Air was also a lot of fun, because it was my first sequel, and I just had a lot of fun with the whole with the whole concept. I had all the characters together on a giant ocean liner crossing an alien sea into danger, plus Tremaine Valiarde. I also got to start telling the readers how wrong the characters were about what they thought was happening in The Wizard Hunters.

Extra: one of the hardest was The Siren Depths, because of all the tricky emotional issues. Moon had built up a family and now I had to tear it apart and put it back together again, at least in his head, and that was not easy.

* There was also a question asked on tumblr about writing alien characters' gestures, body language, etc.

Remember the Book Fair

The annual Book Fair for Ballou SR High School is still going on. The school's library is badly underfunded, and while it's now in a new building, there is still no money for new books. At the link you can find the link to the school's Powell's wish list, and the direct address to the school librarian where you can ship the books:

Melissa Jackson, LIBRARIAN (be sure to include her title so the books go to the right place)
Ballou Senior High School
3401 Fourth Street SE
Washington DC 20032
(202) 645-3400

The list includes SF/F, graphic novels, mystery, YA, non-fiction, and pretty much everything. Most of the books on the list are under $20 and some are under $10.00. If you can't afford a book, please pass this info on.

Still Taking Questions

If anyone has a question, a general question about publishing (how it works, agents, etc), or a question about my writing, or my books, or cats, or anything else I've been doing, ask in this post and I'll try to answer it.

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City of Bones has been a favorite of mine for years. Love the world you created.

ships of air is probably my favorite of all your books (and i like a lot of your books a lot!). the wonderful scene where tremaine takes over the council and SPOILER ALERT agrees to marry ilias, and the scene where the gardier character who we've been following spots the ring around ilias' neck......so many wonderful moments!

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