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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Atlantis - dark sky outline

Thursday Stuff

I got sick yesterday afternoon, like a mild IBS attack, so did not get much done yesterday besides email. I feel better today, so hopefully I can catch up.

Couple of things:

* If you missed it yesterday, I did a post for Black Gate on Fanfiction and Me. The editor's daughter is into fanfiction and he was getting tired of seeing nothing but negative articles about it.

* Stories of the Raksura I got a great review from SF Signal: http://www.sfsignal.com/archives/2014/10/book-review-martha-wells-stories-of-the-raksura-volume-one-the-falling-world-the-tale-of-indigo-and-cloud/
The worldbuilding and characters in these stories are asw wonderful as the novels and I had no difficulty immersing myself into Wells’ world and societies again. The Three Worlds is a world rich with sentient humanoid and semi-humanoid species. While a D&D or Pathfinder world has humans, elves, dwarves, and others, sometimes in a vibrant mix, the Three Worlds has dozens, perhaps hundreds of species and races, both present and past. Walk along the Long Road from Kish to the Gulf of Abascene, and one will meet communities of all sorts of beings on the way. These species often have mistrust and conflicts, but the rich diversity allows Wells to explore psychology and social structures among very different races. And I haven’t even mentioned the astonishing non-sentient biodiversity found in her world.

* The Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy was mentioned on a Mind Meld on fancasting: http://www.sfsignal.com/archives/2014/10/mind-meld-the-books-that-should-be-films-fancasting-who-should-star-in-them/

* A couple of people asked Raksura questions on Tumblr: here and here

* Interesting article on Black Gate by Sean McLachlan: World War One: An International, Multiracial Conflict
With the centennial of World War One in full swing, there’s a lot of press repeating the received truths about the war. If one listens to the UK media, it sounds like the British dealt with the Germans almost single-handed, saving Brave Little Belgium with a bit of help from the French and of course the Commonwealth allies. American media coverage, such as it is, stresses the American role while glossing over the first three years they missed. Neither of these national media spend much time on the wide diversity of people involved in the conflict.

Okay, that was more than a couple.


Stories of the Raksura II: The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below is available for early preorder in paperback on Amazon US and Barnes and Noble.

PSA for Reviews: If you liked a book or didn't like it, it really does help to leave reviews. This is especially important on Amazon where the number of reviews control how often the book shows up in searches and suggestions. Reviews on Barnes and Noble, other retailers, and GoodReads and LibraryThing, or just on your own blog, twitter, FB, tumblr, etc help too.

PSA for Libraries: You can also look for my books at your local library, and if they don't have a book, request that they buy it for their collection, or see if they can get it through interlibrary loan. (Remember that some libraries let you check out ebooks now too.)

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Ooooooh, the cover of the new book!!!

That's actually a temp cover -- the real one is going to be totally new and by Matthew Stewart!

late comment on sfsignal ideas about file fancasting

Ohhh! I'm really delayed in seeing this, but I read the site and I never thought about wasting time casting movies I never thought of -- what fun.
My important comment here is that as a child I really loved Ursula Le Guin's EarthSea books, so I anticipated the TV series when it came out. No movie / TV series can be as good as a book, but you can't just tell everyone his name!!! Only the reader knows his name is Ged! But that's not the only thing that surprised me, the first time I saw Shawn Ashmore as Ged I thought "what Ilias doing in this movie?" Now I've just reminded myself of this series and I'm wondering if it's on Netflix.....

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