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Stargate Pyramid

Question and Book Day Tomorrow

First, a Raksura question I forgot to answer earlier:

beccastareyes asked What do newborn Raksura look like? Especially since they're shifters.

We know that when queens clutch, you can't tell which of their offspring will be fertile queens/consorts and which will be warriors, enough that warriors from Aeriat clutches have a reputation for being stuck up compared to the Arbora-born warriors who always knew what role they would play as adults.

Actually, that's two different things: 1) warriors born from queens' clutches rather than Arbora clutches get stuck-up because of a belief that it means their bloodline is superior, more closely related to the royal Aeriat. 2) The other is that when it's a queen's clutch and all the babies are female, it's impossible to tell at first if they're all queens or all warriors or a mix of both, because queens don't develop the web overlay of color until they're past the toddler phase, and there's a belief that this can cause psychological problems in the female warriors. (We don't know whether the second one is true or not, and it may be a Raksura urban legend.)

I'm going to leave the rest of your speculation here, because it's interesting:

But Aeriat in their winged form have different coloration depending on if they are queens, consorts or warriors. Consorts and (male) warriors look the same in their groundling form, but queens don't have groundling forms.

The only thing I can come up with is that newborn Raksura have a 'baby' coloration in their Aeriat forms (or a 'baby' form that they lose once they can shift*) that obscures the difference between a blue/green/brown warrior and a black consort, or the bicolor markings of a queen.

So what are Raksura infants like? Besides probably adorable.

(Of course, the problem is that Moon probably won't see a royal clutch until Jade has one, since I gather it's not the sort of thing shown to visitors, even of allied courts. And Indigo Cloud might forget that Moon wouldn't know this because the longer Moon says with other Raksura, the less obvious his knowledge gaps get, and I'm sure all consorts and queens are a bit jittery about their first clutch and making sure all their children are healthy.)

* This one I'm questioning because it might have come up when Chime changed, if only as a comparison to (re)learning to shift and work in two forms.

In the next set of novellas, in the one called "The Dark Earth Below," Jade actually has her first clutch, and scene goes into a bit more detail than the one in "The Tale of Indigo and Cloud."


I have a book coming out tomorrow! The paperback edition of Star Wars: Razor's Edge.

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I am so excited for the first clutch!!!

I can't wait for you guys to read the story!

Star Wars books usually do really well. Plus, you are an awesome writer! Congrats!

Thank you!

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