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John - WTF


They're about to replace a power utility pole on our street today, so I will probably be disappearing abruptly from the internet for several hours. I'll take pictures, including the car that for some reason has decided to park right in front of where the giant pole has to go through.

Shows I'm really enjoying:

Sleepy Hollow is fast-paced action mystery fantasy horror. And I mean, fast-paced. One of the things I like best about this show is that characters don't withhold information from each other. They run to their friends and blurt out everything the bad guys would like them to keep quiet about. And I love Nicole Beharie, Lyndie Greenwood, and Tom Mison. And I'm really worried about what's happening to Orlando Jones' character.

If there's ever a live action Raksura movie, I want Lyndie Greenwood to play Jade.

How to Get Away With Murder. I'm loving this one too. Viola Davis and the whole cast is awesome. It's complicated and twisty and also fast-paced, and would lend itself well to binge-watching.

Weird thing that happened the other night: One of our cats, Tasha, woke us up in the middle of the night with what was apparently a nightmare. She was sleeping at the foot of the bed, and started crying, and when I turned on the light she ran up to us, still crying, and kept running between us and looking at us both. Her fur was puffed up and she was crying and purring (I think because she was glad to see us) at the same time. This is not the most demonstrative cat, though she's affectionate in her own way. (Jack is the one who will continually throw his body at your face and knead you and wind around your legs, etc.) So it was odd, and the only thing I can think of is that she had a nightmare and it scared the crap out of her. She finally settled down and went to sleep up by my shoulder. (And yes, I got up and walked around the house to make sure it wasn't on fire or being invaded by snakes or something.)


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Ooh, a fellow Sleepy Hollow fan. One of my friends introduced me to the show and I fell in love with it instantly - the fact that Damian Kindler works on it helps. (And now my brain has gone and wondered what would happen if Helen Magnus met Ichabod Crane. Oops.) I love all the actors - whoever did the casting completely nailed it with who they cast for each character. (This is the only show I've ever watched where I've not thought of another actor who could do better in any role.) Also concerned for VoxOrlando Jones' character - he's just never not going to be the dude from technological glass wall The Time Machine to me, sorry. (Maybe another few seasons of SH will change that.) But yeah, his current status makes me sad. As does Henry's. =/

Yeah, the casting is just excellent all around. Such a good show.

There is also a tie-in book out already - have ordered and cannot wait for it arrive. I'm hoping Keith R. A. DeCandido has it down as well as other tie-ins I've read of his.

Oh, cool! Yeah, I really like his tie-ins.

"If there's ever a live action Raksura movie, I want Lyndie Greenwood to play Jade."

I want a live action Raksura movie. You hear me, Hollywood? You hear me? You are missing out, here! TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Lyndie Greenwood as Jade! Yes! My favorite thing about Sleepy Hollow is the sisters.

I love them! Everybody on that show has such great chemistry with everybody else.

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