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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Atlantis Dark

Happy Halloween!

First news: The Serpent Sea, the second Raksura book, is on sale on US Kindle and Nook for a $1.99. So if you ever wanted to get the ebook, this is a good time.


Book recs:

* Juliet E. McKenna's collection about Victorian monster hunters is also on sale: Challoner, Murray & Balfour: Monster Hunters at Law

* Shadowboxer by Tricia Sullivan
Thai martial arts, international crime, celebrity and mythical creatures combine in this masterful new tale of two people facing incredible dangers, from award-winning author Tricia Sullivan.


We're not having a party tonight, but we are having a few people over for Halloween dinner, and I'm going to decorate the house and yard. So I'll take pictures.

Here's a few pictures from previous years:

Finished Bat Cave
That time I built a bat cave in the hallway.

Vampire hunter's kit

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Wow, Martha! You really do it up for Halloween! I love it!

It's our favorite holiday -- we have a whole closet full of decorations!

Great decorations! I expecially love the front yard graveyard with the hands.

I don't usually do much Halloween decorating. My biggest success was the year I took one of the big paper bags for yard waste collection and mostly-filled it with fallen leaves, then took a pair of jeans one of my kids had outgrown (sized for maybe a 7-year-old) and filled them with leaves. I put this together with the bag and a pair of sneakers so it looked like a kid had been stuffed headfirst in the bag, and left it in the yard near the sidewalk coming up to the front door. It worked really well.

Oh, cool! What a great idea!

Your house makes me jealous. :) Halloween used to be my biggest holiday. Maybe once I retire I can get back to building haunted houses.

If you do, I'd love to help!

Wow! You go all out. How fun! :)

We really do! Halloween is our favorite holiday and we don't decorate nearly this much for the others.

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