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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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We have a freeze warning tonight, and we haven't even had Fall yet. This is worrying.

I'm not doing much right now but being stressed out and anxious about a lot of things, and trying to hit some writing goals before Thanksgiving.


I have a guest post this morning on author's John Marco's blog:
Power in the World of the Raksura, talking about the structure of a Raksuran court. Thanks to John for letting me post on his blog!

It might be a help to anyone writing Raksura fanfic for Yuletide. Also, there's some handy info on my web site if you haven't already seen it.


Judith Tarr is having a writing mentoring sale: November NaNo Sale and Writing Classes

Also for people who are Nanoing, I have a links and information on publishing section on my web site.


Book signing in Austin this Saturday

* I'll be doing a signing for Blade Singer with Aaron de Orive, at the Barnes & Noble Arboretum in Austin, Texas, on Saturday November 15 at 2:00. So far it looks like they have Stories of the Raksura I and Star Wars: Razor's Edge in paperback, too.

* Murder by the Book has signed copies of Stories of the Raksura I and Star Wars: Razor's Edge in paperback if you wanted to get someone a signed book as a gift this year.

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bwee, I got my signed copies of Tales of the Raksura and Razor's Edge in the mail today.

omg your signature is even more illegible than mine. :D

Yay, glad they got there!

Yeah, mine's been deteriorating pretty regularly over the years.

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