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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Into the light

A few things

The Six by Six Kickstarter is about halfway to the funding goal. It has stories by me, Bradley P. Beaulieu, Will McIntosh, Tina Connolly, Brenda Cooper, and Stephen Gaskell.

This includes "Night at the Opera" the new Nicholas and Reynard story set before The Death of the Necromancer

There are a bunch of signed books for backer levels, including some Raksura books. (There were some Ile-Rien books, but they all got snatched up already.)


As I said on Facebook: The good news is I found out where the wasps are getting into our house. The bad news is I need a masonry contractor. I don't know how much it's going to cost, if we can afford it. In the meantime, I just pretend the wasps are tiny Fell. There's a crack in the outer wall of the fireplace that's a wasp highway, basically. The fireplace inspectors took photos, to keep for themselves, because it was so awful.

* Judith Tarr said really nice things about the Raksura books, and other books, here.

* A free short story: Dragon Winter by Judith Tarr

* Novella: Hisses and Wings by Alex Bledsoe and T. Frohock
Janet Harper, a musical prodigy even by Tufa standards, concocts a scheme that she is sure will reunite the fractious Tufa into one strong clan. An old 78 record that belonged to her grandmother recounts a legend about a golden snake, which possesses the ability to enchant even the Faerie Queen. The snake is guarded by a group that calls itself Los Nefilim, creatures with their own magic and a violent past. Janet knows next to nothing about these Nefilim, but she is confident in her mastery of the one thing the Tufa shares with them: the ability to work their magic through music.