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How is everyone who's writing for Yuletide doing? I hope it's going well! (especially if you're writing fanfic for my books)

The masonry guy didn't show up yesterday, so I'll just sit here with my wasps.

I've seen the almost finished cover for Stories of the Raksura II: The Dark Earth Below and The Dead City, and it's gorgeous. It's by Matthew Stewart, who won a Chesley Award for the cover of The Cloud Roads.

I'm 79,000 words into (with about 40,000-50,000 to go) on a new novel, which I can tell you about when the contract is finalized.

Book recs

* N.K. Jemisin: Launch Day for the Inheritance Trilogy Omnibus which includes a new novella "The Awakened Kingdom."

* Fantasy For Good Featuring brand new fiction from Piers Anthony, Michael Moorcock, Carrie Vaughn, Kelley Armstrong, Alan Dean Foster, Katharine Kerr, David Farland, Jane Lindskold, Nnedi Okorafor, Todd McCaffrey and many more, alongside classic tales from George R.R. Martin, Jay Lake, Kevin J Anderson & Rebecca Moesta, and Neil Gaiman.
All proceeds from the sale of this anthology go directly to The Colon Cancer Alliance, a charity dedicated to the prevention of this deadly disease, as well as funding research and supporting patients who suffer from it.

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Have you started naming the wasps yet?

My yuletide is going well so far! I finished one story and am well into a second. There were a lot of requests for fic based on your work this year, so even if I don't get the one I asked for I am looking forward to seeing whats in the collection. There are a few in there already :D

It's tempting!

Yay, glad it's going well for you! And I'm glad there's going to be some stories for my books. That's so awesome.

There are usually some! My very first yuletide I was assigned the Fall of Ile Rien, and promptly panicked because they wanted post-series Nicholas fic /o\ I'm still happy with how it turned out though. The Raksura books have gotten a lot of attention since they first came out too. I'm still waiting for someone to request Emilie... Though there is a YA exchange called Exchange at Fic Corner (fic_corner) where I think she would happily fit in as well :)

I look forward to seeing the cover. They have all been so gorgeous.

And I look forward to hearing about the new book, too.

Thanks! They're going to do a cover reveal, but I think it's probably not going to be until after the New Year, since the book isn't coming out until April. It's hard to wait!

My Yuletide is going pretty well. I just finished one story (apart from any edits and corrections once my beta readers get through with it) and now I've got another one to start, plus hopefully a bonus treat if I have the time.

I also asked for fic based on your work this year, so maybe I will receive some - it's a 1/3 chance :)

Cool! Glad it's going so well.

And I hope you get one too. :)

Maybe you could try blocking the wasps with some steel wool or something else non-flammable?

It's been cold the past couple of nights, so they haven't been too bad at all. But it's just frustrating waiting to try and get something done about it, not knowing how much it'll cost, etc.

(Deleted comment)
I think that may be our problem. The actual fireplace people who inspected it felt that all it needed was the mortar filled in where it's come out. There aren't any cracks in the brick, just the mortar. So it may not be a big enough job for most people.

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