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Atlantis Dark

News of me

If you follow me (or try to follow me) on Facebook, in 2015 there are going to be changes that will keep me from posting about my books there. Facebook will classify as advertising:
Updates about a new book release.
Updates about a book launch and/or event.
Updates about Rafflecopter and other giveaways.

If I post any information about my books, I can be charged for it or thrown off the site. As another author pointed out, depending on how aggressively they pursue this, people who try to pass on information about new books, book launches, make book recs, reviews, etc, may find themselves being asked for money or have their account deleted as well. It also sounds like bookstores won't be able to post info about their signings and events, etc.

Since Facebook already restricts what it shows you on your feed, especially posts with links, this will make it pretty impossible for me to continue to post. I just can't afford to pay their fees.

This journal or the mirror on Dreamwidth are the best way to keep up with any news I have about new stories and books, and what little there is up my life that doesn't involve stories and books. I also post on twitter: https://twitter.com/marthawells1 (note I'm marthawells1 -- there are other marthawells who aren't me), and http://marthawells.tumblr.com/ (though I post a bunch of other stuff there so my updates might get lost in the mix).

I do a mailing list on my web site http://www.marthawells.com/addname.htm where I post specifically about book releases, new stories, or other big news.


In other news the WorldBuilders auctions for Heifer International end Sunday.

I also have some signed books in the general rewards pool of the fundraiser. The instruction post for contributing to the fundraiser is here.


Our kickstarter for Six by Six is going along pretty well so far. I'll have a new Nicholas and Reynard story in it, "Night at the Opera," set before The Death of the Necromancer


Neat review of Stories of the Raksura I. He says you should read the books first, but "the world building here is really quite astounding, right from the concept for the Raksura themselves, to the construction of their world, to the social hierarchies, to the gender politics."


I finished a new short story last night which will hopefully be in an anthology (cross your fingers). Still need to do a last revision pass on it after it sits a while. Plus I need to start making a map for the Three Worlds cause it turns out I need one, at least for my own reference.

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Has this been verified, or is it speculation?

All the information I have is in the article I linked to. I suspect no one will know for sure until Facebook starts kicking people off.

If that information on Facebook is true, then it looks to me like they're shooting themselves in the foot. Driving away people like authors and small businesses is going to give everyone else a lot less reason to pay attention to Facebook.

I'm not sure I believe what is written at that link though. I don't see any citations to show where that information is coming from, and it reads like Chicken Little screaming that the sky is falling, and no one else seems to be saying anything similar. Facebook is definitely making changes, and one of those changes is that it is going to show people less promotional posts in their news feeds. They claim to have surveyed users and been told that users want less promotional material, despite having "liked" the sources of the promotional material. You can read what they have to say about it here https://www.facebook.com/business/news/update-to-facebook-news-feed. What they're talking about are posts that solely encourage people to buy a product or enter a sweepstakes, or that repost the exact content of an advertisement. There's nothing there about authors in specific or even about charging for the kind of posts they're going to show people less of. It also seems to indicate that they're giving people more control over whether or not they see less, so people who want to see the promotional material can presumably continue to see it.

It is entirely possible that they intend to make another announcement later with further chances as described at that link, but it may be that the author of that blog post is misinterpreting what Facebook has said or is getting bad information.

It would be nice if this didn't happen, but their system is already so bad, I don't hold out much hope. Very few of the people on my flist or who are following me see my posts, and it's kind of pointless for me because I don't see many of the posts of the people I'm trying to follow.

I pretty much refuse to use Facebook. I have really big privacy concerns and I don't like the way it feels like people are talking at each other instead of with each other. I almost wish that this would happen because I think it would drive people away from Facebook and if they stopped using Facebook, maybe more of them would come back to LJ or Dreamwidth. I miss my friends who got enticed away by Facebook. I really don't wish it on authors and other people who find Facebook useful for promoting things though. Whether I like it or not, I recognize that it is good for some people.

Yeah, the privacy concerns are huge. And I think it did used to be good, a couple of years ago. For some reason, it really appealed to older people, and people who aren't on any other social media, so it was a good way for me to keep up with relatives and friends. But with it constantly changing, filtering out posts based on systems no one understands (like, even if a post isn't "popular" I still want to know whether a friend has just checked into the hospital), posts disappearing and reappearing, and charging people to promote posts and then still not showing them to people even after you pay, it's just become a giant mess.

I wish people would come back to Live Journal, too.

Wow, that makes me so glad I stopped using Facebook. I know many authors rely on it to get their news out. I'm so sorry they've chosen that route.

I wish I could come up with something more interesting to say than, ugh, stoopit Facebook, but...just ugh.

Yay, Raksura!

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