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Cover for Stories of the Raksura II

This is the gorgeous new cover for Stories of the Raksura Vol II: The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below by artist Matthew Stewart (who won the Chesley award for Best Illustration - Paperback for 2012 - for The Cloud Roads).


Stories of the Raksura Vol II: The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below is coming out in June 2015, and is now available for preorder in paperback and ebook.

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Thank you! I'm so happy with it!

Must echo other comments: That is gorgeous!

Having to wait half a year for the book though :( I'm in such anticipation! :)

Thank you! Yeah, it got moved back a few months. I was hoping it would come out in April.

Looks like I just found my new favorite book cover ever. :)

I can't believe how well Matthew Stewart does with these.

Beautiful art! I can't wait for the book :)

Gorgeous cover!! Love this artwork!

Is the release date June 2? That's what Amazon seems to list, but you just mention June and not the exact date, so maybe it's not set for sure yet?

It's going to be June, but I'm not sure of the exact date. Sometimes it can shift around by a couple of weeks or so at the last minute.

What a gorgeous cover! Love it!

That's beautiful! Gotta wonder what the hill that walks is though...

Thank you! It's from a scene from "The Dark Earth Below."

Love the cover and looking forward to the new book! Will this be available as an audio book as well?

Thank you! I don't know yet - if the first volume sold well enough in audiobook, hopefully they'll want to do one for this one.

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