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Atlantis Dark

Random Stuff

Monday, Monday, Monday. We've had cold rain and temps around 35 but luckily no ice. I was feeling mostly crappy toward the end of the week and all weekend, but it's probably allergies. (It's still allergies.) I had two doctor's appointments last week so was really afraid I would get a virus or cold or something from someone in the waiting room, which is how I usually end up getting sick.

One of our goddaughters is in the middle of the application for vet school, so please send good vet-school-acceptance vibes.

I really really liked Agent Carter.

Broadchurch is on Netflix and I highly recommend it. Make sure you have eight hours or so free before you start watching the first episode. It moves fast, is very intense (but has no onscreen violence). It's about a small vacation town on the coast of the UK, where an eleven year old boy is found murdered on the beach. Alec Hardy (David Tennant), a recently arrived DI and Ellie (the DS who should have had his job) have to investigate the case, and the town is so small Ellie finds herself having to investigate her own friends and people she's known all her life. There's going to be a sequel series in March, but this first 8 episode series is a complete story. (ETA: I've just remembered, they do show the murder at the end, but that's about it, I think.)

I really really like the new cover for Stories of the Raksura II: the Dead City & the Dark Earth Below

There were some cool useful links for writers going around on Tumblr, and I added them to the Publishing Information Sites for Beginning Authors section on my web site, at the end of the Craft of Writing Section under "Handy Sites."

I think that's it. I'm at 93,700 words on the book I can't tell you about yet. I'm expecting it to be between 120,000-130,000 words total.

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I thought Agent Carter was wonderful and look forward to more. A friend commented that people of color were almost entirely absent, which made it feel a bit odd... thinking back, there was the club-owner and.... nobody else. Not a milkman or elevator operator in sight. That could use a bit of fixing. Otherwise, I'm eager for more. Haven't seen Broadchurch, but Tennant is an excellent actor. I'l look it up. DRW

Yes, I noticed that too. I think besides the club owner there were a few extras in the crowd scenes scattered through, but that was about it. They really need to fix that and I hope it isn't that way through the whole show. And I hope Gabe and Jim show up from the Howling Commandos.

Thanks for the tip r.e. Broadchurch! I've been wanting to watch that.

Waiting for the new Stories of the Raksura is harrrrrrrrd. So excited. And still blown away by the cover!

Thanks! I'm so happy with that cover.

I hope you like Broadchurch! I remember waiting anxiously for each new episode when it was first airing.

I'm expecting it to be between 120,000-130,000 words total.


(I'm a fan of long stories.)

"I'm at 93,700 words on the book I can't tell you about yet."

I'm looking forward to the moment when you can tell us about it.

Me too!

Also, I just watched the pilot of Agent Carter last night and agree that it was pretty awesome... I immediately shelled out for the full season pass on iTunes.

Yes, I like that it's more like a British series, with a short number of episodes telling one story. I wish more shows would try that format.

Yeah, I'm hoping it will be soon.

Sending good vet-school acceptance vibes right now. Getting in's the hardest part.

Thank you! Yeah, that's what I've heard, especially with this school.

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