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Still writing. I've been writing the action climax of the new book for a while and it's getting ready to build-up to the end, so that's exciting.

We got a lot of cold rain last week, to the point where I came home and found water building up in one of the flower beds against the wall of the house and starting to come into the garage. It was also building up across the front of the house, to the point where there was a debris line across the porch. The garage water was worse, because we have neighbors with an oversized lot and a huge vegetable garden, and they did something to it last year which causes the water to run off toward the side of our house. I thought I had moved enough landscape rocks around to get it running down the slope of the front yard to the street, but that wasn't working with this much rain. So I had to rebuild the side of the flower bed in the cold rain, and dig bricks out of the mud, and so on, but eventually I got the water level to drop. It was not fun! And I was soaked and had numb hands and feet afterward but the house didn't flood.

Other than that, not much exciting is going on. I have been working on a wikithing The Three Worlds Travelers Guide. It's not near to being done yet, but hopefully it'll make it a bit easier for people to write fanfic. (ETA: Live Journal apparently won't let me link to it, but here's the URL: http://www.marthawells.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page )

I also need to transplant a small tree, and I'm not looking forward to that either.

FYI: you can also find me on tumblr and twitter.


Stories of the Raksura I is available in ebook, paperback, audiobook, (and reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes and Noble, etc are very much appreciated and really do help the books sell)

And Stories of the Raksura II is up for preorder and coming out in June.


* Diverse Fantastic Fiction this site is building a searchable index for diverse SFF books and comics.

* Study: Who Reads Books in America, and Why

* SF Signal: Catherine Lundoff on LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy 2000-2010 Catherine has done a whole series of these posts, starting from pre-1970.

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The stats on the "who reads books" chart are really interesting. Thanks! ;o)

Yes, it makes you wonder why everything has to be tailored to white men, since they aren't the majority of readers. ETA: Oh, and the other thing that was neat is that there seems to be hardly in difference in number of readers who are urban, rural or suburban.

Edited at 2015-01-26 03:32 pm (UTC)

I noticed that one, too! A farm kid is just as likely to read as an urban kid. Nice to know ;o)

And oddly, white males don't seem to the be lions share of the gatekeepers, either, since I've only worked with women so far....

Edited at 2015-01-26 06:16 pm (UTC)

Your water woes sound miserable. Although now that you've been able to work with the problem as it develops, it will be easier to create some kind of fix when the weather is nice? Since you've seen where the water goes, that is.

I can't figure out how to keep my basement from taking on water every time it rains. I'm midway down an inclined street, so I'm sure a lot of it is just the fact that water runs downhill...

I pre-ordered Stories II and it is killing me that I have to wait until June to get it!

Yeah, you really have to see the water in action to be able to figure out where it's going to go. The slopes are so slight and you can't even see some of them unless the water is running over them.

I know, I wish it wasn't so long.

I mean, saving your house and garden from flooding in the middle of a freezing rainstorm is KIND OF exciting.


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