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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Question for the Journal:

Someone asked: Will you ever write a novella or short story about how Stone and Azure got together? From reading The Tale of Indigo and Cloud, it seemed as if Stone wouldn't have been considered desirable as a consort because of his bad eye. I'm wondering what the story was between him and his queen, especially since he's so fantastically cantankerous.

I answered:

hanks for your question! I don’t have plans to do it at the moment, but it is a story I’d like to tell at some point. It would also be taking place not too long after the court first left the Reaches, so that would be interesting, too.

Anybody else have Raksura-related questions?

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I have a question about daughter-queens and sister-queens. Am I right that those are more like ranks rather than literal descriptions of biological relationships? Does a queen change from a daughter-queen to a sister-queen in relation to who is the current reigning queen, or based on her own age/power/influence? Are there ever ... I guess they'd be mother-queens? Older queens who haven't been reigning queen but are still around the court? Or would it be unlikely that such a power dynamic would persist that long before someone split off to form their own court, or killed each other quarrelling? ;)

Great. Now you've got me crossing books, and picturing a Dowager Queen -- specifically Ravenna, from The Element Of Fire -- as a Raksura.


As a Raksura.

I was about to say that, wow, that wouldn't end well for anyone trying to keep her out of power, but on further thought I'd guess that given Raksuran social dynamics, there'd be nothing to stop her from resuming her role as reigning queen. Raksuran courts are more fluid, that way.

...And those poor Unseelie Fay wouldn't know what hit them.

That makes me wonder ... is there any such thing as a queen emeritus? Or do reigning queens reign until they die? And is succession by seniority or could there be power struggles within the court over who becomes the next reigning queen?

I've actually wondering why Indigo Cloud left the Reaches, only to end up in the smaller ruin? I'd gotten the impression that the court was too big, and/or the Reaches were too crowded when they left, but from the descriptions of the ruin in the 1st book, would the ruin have been able to house everyone from the colony tree? Or did parts of the court split off and go elsewhere? Or, from what Stone said about the Kek dying out in their part of the forest when they left, was the court growing smaller at the time, making them able to fit well in the ruin?

This is just something I'd been thinking about in my latest re-listen to the audiobooks. ;) Anyway, I love the books, and am very much looking forward to Volume 2 of the Stories! :)

Will we see the Fell again?
And failing that, at least get opposition as dangerous and cunning as Fell/Raksura hybrids?

I had been wondering about this too, so thanks for answering! I hope you do get to write and share it at some point!

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