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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Journey - Young Hercules


The weekend of February 13-15, I'll be at ConDFW in Dallas, TX, one of my favorite conventions.

Major guests will be: Sherwood Smith and Rachel Manija Brown and the Artist Guest of Honor is Galen Dara

My schedule. For the reading I'll probably do something from the new book.

FRIDAY: AUTOGRAPHS (DEALERS ROOM) Friday, 6pm: Martha Wells, Paul Black

SATURDAY: READING (ADAMS) Saturday, 10am: K Hutson, Martha Wells

PROGRAMMING 3 (HAMILTON) Saturday, 2pm: Genres of Fantasy Explained Panelists: Larry Atchley Jr. (M), Amy Sisson, Angeline Hawkes, Martha Wells, Chris Donahue Just what is “Fantasy” any more? You have the Mythological Fantasy, “Lost World” Fantasy, Swords and Sorcery, High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and any number of variations. Our authors and historians talk about the history of the fantasy genre and the reasons for its continued popularity.

MAIN PROGRAMMING (JEFFERSON) Saturday, 4pm: Animals in Science Fiction and Fantasy Panelists: Dusty Rainbolt (M), J. Kathleen Cheney, Martha Wells, Gloria Oliver, Bradley H. Sinor Fear the cute little rabbit. Hear the roar of dragons. Most of all, run really fast if you see the Cheshire Cat. Animals have been present in stories even in Viking sagas. But these cute little critters are often overlooked, and it’s time we rectified this. From David Weber’s treecats to Anne McCaffery’s dragons there are many examples of animals, intelligent or not.