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John and Teyla - Uh Oh

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I have some more Raksura questions to answer, but I got kind of busy so I'll try to do that this week.

This weekend we replanted a sapling tree today, probably the biggest thing I've ever replanted. It was a weed tree growing up against the fence so it had to go anyway, but there was a spot for it in the front yard and I wanted to give it a fighting chance. It resisted this process strenuously. It's like, you can't stay here, that giant oak tree you're cuddled up against is going to murder you. So hopefully it will live in its new spot.

I've also been working more on The Three Worlds Traveler's Guide. (Here's the copy paste link for LJ people, since LJ won't link to it. )

Couple of things I posted on Tumblr:

* Kitty Pictures: proof Tasha likes to have her belly rubbed

* The Time I Met Gene Roddenberry


* Feminist linguist, poet, and SF writer Suzette Haden Elgin passed away in January. Here's an appreciation of her work by Catherine Lundoff.

* The Indie Fantasy Story Bundle has eight great authors and you set the price.

* The Absence of Women Marie Brennan does an analysis of the female characters in The Name of the Wind

* Liz Bourke: Violette Malan's Wandering Mercenaries
In the past, we’ve debated the definitions of epic fantasy and sword and sorcery, its social orientation, and what Fantasy Has Done For Us Lately. Well, you know what fantasy has done for me lately? Violette Malan.

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wow, you met the Great Bird of the Galaxy! that is a terrific memory to have. I would have been terrified as well. but you held the sacred film in your hands. :))

and I still do not believe belly rubs. You could have photoshopped that.

It was very strange and surreal!

Tasha is the only cat I've ever had who actually seeks out belly rubs, and she just started doing that recently. Jack, our other cat, will tolerate belly rubs when he's in the right mood, but he doesn't ask for them.

Sad news about Suzette Haden Elgin, her short story "Lest Levitation Come Upon Us" is one of my favorite SF/F short stories. It is Original, clever and hysterically funny.

I have a cat that rolls over for belly rubs. He's a weird little (well, big) dude.

The Violette Malan books sound great, thanks for the tip there!

Jack likes them too, but he doesn't love them the way Tasha does. I think I have two very weird cats.

My cat Wheelie (that name is not my fault) who looks like your Jack doesn't like belly rubs, but he loves to be snuggled and petted...until suddenly he doesn't and he attacks. I used to carry around regular scratch marks until I figured out how to read his body language. (He's so soft omg. Impossible not to pet when he's being super friendly!)

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