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Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Ardeth Bey

Books and Cons

It was below freezing last night and we had some icy overpasses and I didn't go to aerobics class this morning and now I already feel like a bad person.


As usual, ConDFW was a lot of fun. It was in a new hotel, which had a moat, and was arc-shaped, and disliked 90 degree angles, and was vaguely non-Euclidean. But the restaurant was pretty good, and the bar was right next to con registration and the dealers room and art show, so it was convenient and easy to find people.

I did almost have a blood sugar crash on Friday but managed to realize what was happening and avoid it. Saturday people kept giving me cookies and candy randomly, so I didn't have any trouble.

I read a section of a new Raksura story (it was actually this section) with Kristi Hutson, and she read a really scary horror story, and a neat military SF section. I also did a couple of panels, and talked to a lot of people.

New Books:

* Signal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Moreno-Garcia takes readers back to the age of mixtapes and records in this sweet debut. In 1988 Mexico City, 15-year-old Meche and her only friends, book-loving Sebastian and dreamer Daniela, discover literal magic in Meche’s record collection. They use their newfound powers to raise their social status, but the emotional stresses of magic and adolescence test their friendships to the breaking point. In 2009, Meche returns to Mexico City for the funeral of her father, a radio deejay and washout performer who fed her love of music, and confronts her estranged friends, reopening old wounds. This accurate depiction of outcast teenage life cycles effortlessly between eras. Meche, Sebastian, and Daniela are deeply believable characters, and numerous ’80s musical references make this unusual story a welcome blast from the past. Publishers Weekly

* Bud the Bunny by Heidi Berthiaume (Author), Travis Hanson (Illustrator)
Bud the Bunny is a children's picture book that starts with simple sentences and builds into a tongue-twisting alliterative adventure. The repetition encourages vocabulary building and the joyful illustrations by Eisner nominated Travis Hanson bring to life Bud's journey and all he encounters along the way.
This was written by a friend of mine, and she's awesome, and this is awesome too.

* The Very Best of Kate Elliott
Strong heroines and riveting storytelling are the hallmark of groundbreaking fantasy author Kate Elliott (Crown of Stars, Crossroads). Elliott is a highly-compelling voice in genre fiction, an innovative author of historically-based narratives set in imaginary worlds. This first, retrospective collection of her short fiction is the essential guide to Elliott’s shorter works. Here her bold adventuresses, complex quests, noble sacrifices, and hard-won victories shine in classic, compact legends.

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oh! I bet they enjoyed the reading so much! I hope you had a blast talking to people but I'm sure you're exhaustificated.

Thank you! I wasn't as tired this time, probably because I didn't do any programming on Sunday and we just came home early.

(Full disclosure: Ardeth Bay made me come read this post. I was trying to figure out why he was the preview pic on the Facebook link. ;) )

Icy overpasses sound like an entirely valid reason to not go to aerobics for a day, if my vote counts for anything.

Also, your commentary on the hotel has made me decide I need to go visit it. Maybe even for ConDFW, if they have it at the same place next year. Why not? Fictiony thingies, authors I am Very Fond of, moats, unsettling angles! Sounds like a good time. Glad you had one, anyway, haha. ;D

I like Oded Fehr and that's the only icon I have of him. :)

I've always liked ConDFW. It's small, but there's a lot of programming.

Oded Fehr is indeed awesome, and ConDFW sounds like it, too. Yays all around.

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