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Emilie and the Hollow World for cheap

Apparently, Emilie and the Hollow World is $1.99 at Amazon Kindle US and Barnes and Noble Nook. I don't know how long it will last.

If you want to sample the first chapter, it's on my web site here.

Link: Tor.com Writing Women Characters as Human Beings by Kate Elliott

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Please write a third Emilie book? I need an excuse to re-read the first two.

(Actually, I don't. Not really. I'll probably do so anyway in another month or two. But I'd love to meet Emilie again, even if she were a couple of years older, even if she were only helping to explore her own world, and especially if she were somehow able to get an apology from her uncle. No, I have no idea how that might even be possible. But I would love to read more Emilie, and -- if it makes any difference -- I'm a forty-something male. She's just that awesome.)

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