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Stargate Monuments


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Stargate Monuments

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I posted this on FB and Twitter yesterday after it happened, but I'll post it here too:

OK, something really weird happened when I went to the grocery store just now. A woman got into my car when I was getting out of it. I couldn't tell if she was having a break from reality, or if she had mistaken me for someone else. She was trying to talk to me about some guy that I wanted something from, some situation. She had gotten out of an SUV next to me and there was someone else in it. (I think. Couldn't see them because of tinted windows.) She got out (of my car) to talk to that person again.

I told her I thought she had mistaken me for someone else. She got her purse (which she had left in my car) & I locked it went for the store. A guy ran out of the store and they left in the SUV. They were wearing uniform shirts and nametags from the store. So it was freaky and I don't know what I bought. I think they were supposed to meet somebody in the parking lot to talk over some weird situation, and mistook me for her. When I came out of the store, the SUV was back. Was very freaky. I wasn't scared of her, just "how to I get this woman out of my car!" "strategize" "strategize" If they were there to meet somebody like this I think they were having a way worse day than me.

and in one of the FB comments I said: Thinking about it, I think she said something about somebody's mother. My inclination is that they were meeting someone there to talk about something and maybe wanted to do it in the parking lot of the place they worked in case they needed help, or witnesses. Either that, or she was being taken home from work because she was having a neurological problem. But I really do think someone else was in the SUV.

So, that was my excessively weird day yesterday.

here's some non-weird links:

* More than anything, she loved reading: the legacy of Andre Norton

* really cool art using Russian buildings

* John Picacio's Loteria Match Game Matching books to Loteria cards, this is the fourth installment and includes The Cloud Roads.

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Probably mistaken identity. Maybe she thought you were the guys mother? I had a strange incident similar to that a few years ago. I came out of a small grocery store and got into my car to leave. My passenger side door opens and a lady in her late 50's gets in and settles herself and asks me if I mind driving her to the Safeway about a mile away? Now, she probably figured she was safe enough jumping into a middle aged woman's sedan, but that was just freaky. She acted like this was nothing strange. Since I hate confrontation and I'd probably have to physically remove her otherwise, I just went ahead and drove her there and she went on her merry way. I now have a car with doors that stay locked except the one you open from the inside. It does make you aware of how vulnerable you are, no matter how careful you think you are being, doesn't it?

Oh, that's weird, too. And it really does make you feel vulnerable. I normally keep my car doors locked, but I had hit the unlock button to get my shopping bags out of the back of the car. I'm going to feel very strange going back to that store.

That is intensely bizarre. I'm not sure I would have handled it as calmly. I can easily visualize myself screaming "Get out of my car!" at the woman and driving away without ever going into the store. That would freak me out completely.

I'm really surprised I didn't do that! But it happened so fast, I feel like I didn't have time to panic.

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