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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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I haven't been very good about posting here lately because I've been working on the last chapter of the book I can't give details about yet. I need to insert a couple of more scenes after I finish this chapter and do a read through/revision, then it'll be ready for the beta readers. It's kind of consumed my brain, mostly because I've gotten this one written much more quickly than normal for me for a 130,000 plus word book.

I took a break Saturday when a friend came into town for her birthday and we went to the Antique Rose Emporium, and walked around the shops in Brenham, and then came back and had sushi. Our goddaughter also stayed with us this weekend on her way to a ballet audition.

Today I need to work on the last chapter plus finish bailing and cleaning and refilling my pond. That is not going to be much fun. In fact, I should go get started on it now.


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