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Taking More Raksura Questions

I was answering Raksura and Three Worlds-related questions back in February, then something happened and I dropped the ball. I have a couple of unanswered questions left, but if you have an old question or a new question I didn't answer, feel free to comment with it.

nthngtoseehere said Can I ask, roughly how many years/turns comprise a Raksuran generation? And how old is Stone? I've been thinking he's going on at least a couple hundred turns, but I have no idea if that's even close....

I'm thinking a generation would be around forty turns, but I haven't worked that out yet on paper, so I reserve the right to change it. :) Turns are also longer than years, and may be measured slightly differently by different cultures

Stone is at least a couple of hundred turns, and probably closer to three hundred.

(I am very bad at both math and dates, so I always have trouble working these things out.)

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Thanks! I seem to have roughly the right idea in terms of the ages of the various characters, I think. Cool!

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