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Element of Fire cover

Between Worlds Collection Now Available

Between Worlds: the Collected Ile-Rien and Cineth Stories has been sent out to the Six by Six Kickstarter backers and is now available for purchase.


"The Potter's Daughter" Elemental, May 2006
Kade Carrion investigates troublesome magic in a small village.

"Night at the Opera" Original to this collection.
A noble Rienish family asks Reynard Morane to thwart a sorcerous blackmailer, and he recruits a reluctant Nicholas Valiarde to help.

"Holy Places" Black Gate #11, August 2007, Lightspeed Magazine #42, November 2013
Ilias is abandoned by the Finan family and finds Andrien, just as the house is attacked.

"Rites of Passage" marthawells.com, April 2014
Most people in Cineth believe Giliead is too young to take up the duties of a Chosen Vessel, but he may not have a choice.

"Houses of the Dead" Black Gate #12, July 2008
Giliead and Ilias are called to investigate a strange happening in godless territory, and find a deserted city.

"Reflections" Black Gate #10, March 2007
Searching the wilderness for a fleeing wizard, Giliead and Ilias encounter strange magic.

eBook available at: Kobo, Kindle US, Nook, iTunes, Nook UK, Kindle UK, Kindle DE, Kindle FR, Kindle Canada, Kindle Spain, and all other Amazon sites.

ETA: It's on iTunes now!

If you didn't get your email from the kickstarter telling you that two of the collections are available, check your spam folder or email the kickstarter creator Bradley for help.

Here's a sample of "Night at the Opera"

Reynard Morane was at his usual table in the Cafe Baudy, a somewhat risqué establishment built on a barge floating on the Deval Forest pleasure garden lake, when a beautiful man approached his table. This wasn't an unusual occurrence, especially in this cafe, but this beautiful man was a stranger. He said, "Captain Morane?"

From his features and dark skin, the man was Parscian, a little younger than Reynard but not by much, tall and well-built and dressed in an elegant but understated way that suggested some professional occupation in the city. The coat was too expensive for the man to be from a university. For some reason, Reynard attracted a high percentage of men of academic persuasions. "Yes." Reynard smiled warmly. "Please join me."

The man hesitated, then drew out the opposite chair. "A friend told me about you."

"And which friend is this?" Reynard caught the waiter's attention and lifted his brows. The waiter sized up the situation professionally, then went to the bar for a fresh bottle of wine and glasses.

"A man named Biendare." The man lowered his voice. "I believe he is known in some circles as 'Binny.'"

"Binny?" Reynard frowned. This was not encouraging. Binny was not someone who would have recommended Reynard for an assignation. At least not the kind of assignation Reynard had hoped for. To make sure this man had really met Binny, he said, "At the roasted nut kiosk on the Street of Flowers?"

"No, it was in March Street, at a wine bar that also sells fried fish."

"Right." Reynard sat up, adjusting his attitude from invitingly indolent to business-like and alert.

The waiter arrived at the table with the bottle and glasses. Reynard sighed and told him, "No."

"No?" The waiter looked startled, then disappointed. "Oh. Coffee, perhaps?"

"Coffee," Reynard agreed.

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I am really stupidly excited about this! I need to snag my kickstarter copy as soon as I have some reading time!

Also I really love the cover art!

Cool, thank you! The cover was designed by Jenn Reese of Tiger Bright Studios, who did my other reprint ebook covers.

wow, awesome! i somehow totally missed that this was happening. will there be a paperback?

Probably not anytime soon. It's too expensive to do one and I don't have the time right now. I might try to do one later when I have more time/money.

Got my e-mail notification last night and downloaded it then, but it was late and I didn't have a chance to get into the stories.
I had a doctor's appointment this morning--perfect time to read "Night at the Opera".
What great stuff! I've always loved Reynard. I think he is one of the best characters you have written.
I'm now enjoying re-reading the others.
Thank you for making these stories accessible in digital format. (I think I know where my paper copies of the old Black Gates magazines are, but this sure is easier to get to...)

Yay, glad you enjoyed it! And thank you!

Whoo hoo! I'm on it, like a fly on flypaper. Except a very happy fly, who is enjoying the awesome flypaper immensely. I'm stuck to it! but not in a bad way. Ok, reading more now and then going to bed because obviously my similes are slipping, lol

I saw this last night - SOOOOOO EXCITED!

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