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Book Recs and a Raksura Question

Book recs:

* Emissary: The Second Book of the Seven Eyes by Betsy Dornbusch
Draken vae Khellian, bastard cousin of the Monoean King, had risen far from his ignominious origins, becoming both a Bowrank Commander and a member of the Crown’s Black Guard. But when cursed black magic took his wife and his honor away, he fought past his own despair and grief, and carved out a new life in Akrasia. His bloody, unlikely path, chronicled in Exile: The First Book of the Seven Eyes, led him to a new love, and a throne.

* The Rebirths of Tao: Tao Series Book Three by Wesley Chu
Five years have passed since the events in The Deaths of Tao. The world is split into pro-Prophus and pro-Genjix factions, and is poised on the edge of a devastating new World War. A Gengix scientist who defects to the other side holds the key to preventing bloodshed on an almost unimaginable scale.

* The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu
Two men rebel together against tyranny—and then become rivals—in this first sweeping book of an epic fantasy series from Ken Liu, recipient of Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy awards.

Wily, charming Kuni Garu, a bandit, and stern, fearless Mata Zyndu, the son of a deposed duke, seem like polar opposites. Yet, in the uprising against the emperor, the two quickly become the best of friends after a series of adventures fighting against vast conscripted armies, silk-draped airships, and shapeshifting gods. Once the emperor has been overthrown, however, they each find themselves the leader of separate factions—two sides with very different ideas about how the world should be run and the meaning of justice.


Raksura question:

Lindsey asked So I've been thinking about some of the mature queens in the Raksura books. Here's my question: Is Pearl still firmly within clutching years for a Raksura? For that matter, what about Malachite who's older than Pearl but still seems very much in her prime?
Also, I've been thinking of Ice from Emerald Twilight as being near to the completion of her life which in my mind means she's far beyond clutching years herself. So, the first consort of Emerald Twilight (Shadow) is much younger than Ice and he seems in his prime (in my mind this has been equating to something approximating Pearl's age). I have the impression (I don't remember exactly) that Ice outlived one or more consorts already. So, given the age disparity between Ice and Shadow do you think they had any clutches together or did she claim him more for political/diplomatic reasons when she was beyond wanting/needing/being able to clutch herself?

Yes, Malachite and Pearl would both still be able to clutch. They would both basically be middle-aged for Raksuran queens, though Malachite is older than Pearl. Ice did outlive a couple of consorts, but queens can have more than one consort at a time, so Shadow has been with her for quite a while, and they would have had some clutches together.



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I've got a Raksura Aeriat question - tool use by the Aeriat. I know that the Arbora use tools (anvils, etc., have been mentioned), but it seems rare that the Aeriat use tools at all. Is not using tools the norm for them? Or are there exceptions lurking in future books?

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