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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Still waiting to get our electrical work done, but there's been several big thunderstorms so the electricians are really backed up with work. And the other day we had a giant funnel cloud wandering around town. It never touched down (they aren't officially tornadoes until the land and start destroying stuff) but still, not fun.

Years ago when I was living in a fourplex at the edge of big field and wooded area, a tornado came right over us. Seen from directly below, they look like the sky is doing something terrible and wrong and terrifying.

It's a busy week for me. I've finished the first draft of a book and am revising it, plus I'm writing a short story for an anthology, plus a couple of guest blog posts. The story isn't due until the end of the summer, but it's less stressful if I do a draft as soon as I can and then let it percolate a bit.

Book recs

* Darkened Blade by Kelly McCullough
It’s been nine long years since the death of his patron, Namara, and exalted assassin Aral Kingslayer desperately misses the thrill and glory of being a higher power of justice. Now he is haunted by the ghosts of the past—and by the ghost of the lost goddess herself.

* Of Noble Family by Mary Robinette Kowal
Jane and Vincent's sense of peril is screaming out for them to flee, but Vincent cannot stand to leave an estate connected with his family in such a condition. They have survived many grand and terrifying adventures in their time, but this one will test their skills and wits more than any they have ever encountered before, this time with a new life hanging in the balance. Mary Robinette Kowal's Of Noble Family is the final book of the acclaimed Glamourist Histories.

* Aunty Lee's Deadly Specials by Ovidia Yu
Rosie "Aunty" Lee, the feisty widow and amateur sleuth and proprietor of Singapore's best-loved home-cooking restaurant, is back in another delectable, witty mystery involving scandal and murder among the city's elite.
Just read this one. It was like if Miss Marple was Chinese and lived in Singapore, I really enjoyed it.

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Tornadoes are terrifying. I'm glad that funnel you tweeted about never touched down.

And congrats on the completed novel!


Yeah, the funnel cloud wasn't close to us, relatively, but still scary.

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