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It's Here!

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I got my "we're shipping your new book REAAAALLLLLLsoonnow" notice from Evil Empire-azon yesterday.

It's real! It's really real!

Yay! I was getting worried that it was going to be late, so this was a big relief.

Excellent news! I've just finished a re-read of all the Raksura books, and I was desperate for more!

Cool! I do that with series I like, too.

Yay! Congratulations.
Also, what lovely cats.

I'm in the same boat as Puddleshark - just finished reading through the whole series again, so this is lovely to see.

New Raksura books: approved by kitties everywhere.

There's some series I always reread before the new book comes out, like the Rivers of London series.

Just got my copy today! Looks like Amazon decided to ship earlier than expected. It looks great alongside volume one.

http://1drv.ms/1LwnD9Q (OneDrive link to photo)

I still can't get over how awesome that cover is.

Edited at 2015-05-23 10:35 pm (UTC)

Yay, thank you!

Yes, that piece of art is just incredible. I hope he gets another award nomination for it.

Just got an email that my copy from B&N is shipping. I was wondering if I'd made a mistake not ordering from the Big River. :-) I'll have it to read this weekend, yay!

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