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Atlantis Dark


So, Tanith Lee passed away this week. This was terrible news. Her novel The Birthgrave was a huge influence on me.

There's an article on IO9 about her:
Tanith Lee, who died on Sunday, was one of the most prolific and influential authors of fantasy and horror. Everyone seems to know her for something different. Some people are obsessed with The Silver Metal Lover, while others devoured her fantasy series. And then there are the Blake’s 7 episodes. She left a huge bounty.

and one on the Advocate.com Remembering Tanith Lee, Celebrated Author of Queer Science Fiction


We've been having tons of flooding all over the middle part of the state, with a bridge washed away, a dam washed away, houses flooded or knocked off the foundations, some people killed and some still missing. We're okay, though some of the major streets near us were blocked with flash flooding on Monday night. Our friends all seem to be mostly okay, though some have had some flood damage. The amount of lighting Monday night was just incredible. We've got rain in the forecast for the rest of the week, so keep your fingers crossed for us.

If you want to help, Hays County was hit very hard and the Food Bank needs donations. To help animals, you can donate to the TAMU Veterinary Emergency Team. Shalom Austin is collecting for the Texas Flood Relief Fund. The Houston Food Bank could probably use some help too.


And I had a question from Veronica:

Will the newest Raksura novella be offered in an audiobook?

Yes, and it has the same reader, Christopher Kipiniak. I know it's been recorded but I'm not sure when it's being released.