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Couple of Things

If you somehow missed it, Stories of the Raksura: Volume II The Dead City and The Dark Earth Below is now out.

The audiobook of Stories of the Raksura II: The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below is up on Audible.com, but has the wrong cover, so it may be confusing.

And I also have an interview here on SFF World

And if you've read it and have the time and inclination, please leave a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or wherever you bought it, or on GoodReads, LibraryThing, etc. These reviews really, really do help, especially the ones on Amazon which factor in with how often Amazon actually recommends the book. Even if you didn't like it, reviews are appreciated.

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you! That makes me happy. :)

Right now, I'm sort of twisting in the wind. I just finished a book that was supposed to be the first of a two-book contract, a duology, but there's been a contract dispute, so everything's on hold. And as far as I know, the dispute could be over in the next 15 minutes or never, so that's depressing, but my agent thinks we can find a different publisher.

Right now I'm trying to get a short story together for a friend who is doing a small press anthology, and that's about it. I also have a very weird book half-completed which might or might not be YA and will probably as unsellable as everything else, so if this goes on longer I'll probably switch over to working on it. The first few chapters need major revision, and my agent thinks I should finish it before we try to sell it.

I LOVE the new stories! There was a moment very early in The Dead City where (not spoilery, so I think I'm ok talking about it) Moon notices light glowing beneath the surface of a lake and wonders what it is, and sort of off-handedly thinks that it could be a city of tiny waterlings. And I just put the book down, closed my eyes and floated on a giddy cloud of delight because here is this world I get to immerse myself in where anything is possible, to the point where a character can posit a civilization of tiny creatures living underwater whose city glows.

(Along those lines, when I read your books I often find myself getting to a place where I can pause, and going back and re-reading descriptions of things - landscapes, buildings, creatures - closely and slowly, giving myself time to really build them up in my mind. I tend to get carried away by the story, but I don't want to miss the lovely details so I always go back.)

I love being in your worlds, so much.

Another thing I loved about the stories was seeing Moon just after Saraseil vs. Moon settled in Indigo Cloud. He's so very much alone in The Dead City, closed off and numb. On one hand he's still reeling from a terrible experience (added layers to the PTSD he shows later in The Cloud Roads); on another hand...he's been alone since his family were killed, but now he's taken that sort of mental sketch of 'my people, where I belong' he seems to have had in his mind for so long, and just shredded it. Just...cast the hope away, along with the anger, grief, fear and horror. It's so sad. And then to see him in The Dark Earth Below, where he still feels awkward and a little out of place, but also clearly has found his home - such a sharp contrast. And wonderful, because, poor boy. He deserved a home!

I also liked seeing the things about him that were the same: his default mode of fighting for or with people who need help, whether they ask for help or not; his inability to just stand by when someone is being unfairly treated. I loved that even though he's still fairly young in The Dead City, he's an experienced (and dirty) fighter. After one fight scene in The Dark Earth Below I thought, I know consorts aren't supposed to fight like that, but some of the others MUST have watched that and thought "dayum, our consort has got some MOVES." Because wow.

Amazing fight scenes, by the way. Amaaaaazing.

And just overall, the stories were just fascinating. I did feel like the collection could have been subtitled "Horror Stories of the Three Worlds" - in a very good way! There was some creepy, creepy stuff in all of the stories, and I just loved it.

I just really enjoyed this book. I did leave a review at Amazon but I was trying to keep it brief and not come off like a big nerd, so I thought I would also come here and flail at you a little.

Wait, one last thing: BABIES. *____*

Thank you so much! I love your reviews, because you're really good at explaining what you liked about something, and how it made you feel. I love it when you do that, because it often makes me look at the book or story or whatever in a different light or from a different angle, even if it's something I wrote. Anyway, I just love your reviews, even if there not of my books.

Aw, I just read your interview and saw your answer about wishing you could have fit in more of Stone and Moon's travels. That would be such a good story. By the time Moon arrives at the colony, he's really bonded with Stone. The scenes that were included in the book definitely show the shape of how that relationship developed, but it would be fun to see more of it.

I hope this isn't the end of the Raksura books. They're at the top of my must buy list.

Thank you! I hope I'm able to do more books, too.

I'm very tempted to do more Moon and Stone road trip adventure. It would be a lot of fun to write.

I'd preorder the Moon and Stone road trip on nothing more than that description. :-)

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