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Martha Wells

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I'll be at ApolloCon in Houston this Saturday, June 20. Just couldn't afford the time and hotel to stay the whole weekend, but this is the programming I'll be on on Saturday:

Saturday 10:00 am What's the Difference?
—How do you make aliens truly alien? Some ideas of where to start and on just
how different they should be.

2:00 pm The Struggle
Professional writers discuss the things they struggle with when writing, including but not
limited to: imposter syndrome and failed story attempts.

5:00 pm Reading
It's a 30 minute slot, and I'll read a new Raksura bit.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate. We're due to have a tropical storm on Tuesday and Wednesday, so hopefully it will be cleared out by then. Fortunately, we got a temporary fix for our roof leak last week. Not so fortunately, it's going to take around $300 to fix it permanently, ugh.

Also annoying this weekend was discovering a pirate was selling The Element of Fire on Kobo, despite the fact that my legitimate copy of The Element of Fire had already been up there since 2012, with my other ebook reprints of out of print titles. It got taken down fairly quickly, but it's frustrating that it was allowed up in the first place. Especially considering that the reprints I've done myself (and the Between Worlds story collection) earn money every month that I use to pay our utility bills.

Book Rec

I just finished The Best of All Possible Worlds by Karen Lord and really enjoyed it. I somehow managed to read the sequel, The Galaxy Game first, but it didn't ruin it for me. They're both SF that focus on culture and communication between different human cultures, and they reminded me of what I love about science fiction. I hope there's going to be more in this series. Now I need to read her first book Redemption in Indigo.

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Good luck with the weather. Wish I was near enough to go to Apollo Con. New Raksura bits, we wants to hear them.

Ooh, ooh! I read The Best of All Possible Worlds not long ago and really enjoyed it, but I didn't know there was a sequel.

It focuses on different characters, mainly Rafi the nephew, but it expands the world quite a bit.

Enjoy Redemption in Indigo. It was a blast. And now, off to the library to see if they have her other books.

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