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SGA - laughing

ConvergenceCon 2015

I'm back from ConvergenceCon in Bloomington, MN, and I've posted some photos on the tumblr here and here

I had a great time. It's a huge convention (I think around 7000 people?), with tons of costumes and, as you can see from the photos, some very elaborately decorated party rooms.

My favorite panel this year was the Build-a-World game show panel hosted and designed by Monica Valentinelli, I was on Team Velociraptor with John Heimbuch and Arianne Tex Thompson, and we fought against Catherine Lundoff, Carrie Patel, and Paul Cornell on Team Menopausal Werewolves (we tried to get them to name it Team Vicar but they wouldn't). It was the most fun I'd ever had on a panel. Basically the audience suggests categories and you use them to fill in a large grid in timed segments, and at the end each team as a new world and hopefully a story. The other team came up with a world I heard described as if Ursula Le Guin wrote Warhammer, and ours was more like Game of Thrones meets Fraggle Rock. (We had two alien races in conflict one of which had a smell-based language. Our YA heroine was named Tiny Oily Salt. It was awesome.) I think we had the most points, but at the end we had to pitch the story to the audience, and Paul Cornell's pitch was so good the other team took the win. It was just a huge amount of fun and I want to play it again.