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Stargate Monuments

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Does anybody know how to report pirated books being sold on iBooks/iTunes? Is it just through the apple.com/legal/contact form? There's a form for reporting pirated works on iTunes but it doesn't work for iBook URLS. Asking because "Booklassic" has pirated one book and three short stories on iBooks now. The short stories had been posted on my web site and were free.

This is why I've removed most of the free short stories (including Raksura stories) from my web site. "Booklassic" has sold/is selling them on Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and now iBooks/iTunes.

I don't want readers paying money for stories I meant to give away as freebies to people who visited my web site, especially when they are short stories the pirate is selling as complete novels. I apologize but there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it except continue to report it to the retailers, and I'm pretty sure this person intends to sell every piece of free writing I ever put up on my web site.

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I have no advice for you, sorry, although the apple.com/contact area was very responsive to layperson-me when I had a credit card issue.

I'm so sorry that you still have to be dealing with that pirate seller. Speaking as a fan of yours, however, I would be very happy to purchase a collection of the formerly free stories if you ever choose to publish them.

Thanks. :) I may end up doing that.

Is there any chance of retaining an attorney? I'd assume that since the stores are sending checks to the pirate, they have contact information. Given the penalty for copyright infringement, even if an attorney only got you a minimal fine from them, you'd potentially still have a small profit after paying the legal bills. It seems like it would actually be a pretty easy case for a lawyer since it's so blatant and the idiots would need a bank account and ID to open it.

At the moment I just can't afford an attorney. (I was expecting to get a book payment earlier this year but the contract isn't signed yet, and things have been tight.) One problem is that it looks like he's not in the US.

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