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John and Teyla - Uh Oh


I haven't been doing much but working on the sequel to The Edge of Worlds (there's a section for it now on my site, though there isn't much there yet).

The cover art is done and I've seen the versions with the titles, so I'm hoping to be able to show that to people soon.

This weekend we babysat a friend's dog while she was out of town, and the dog (Lola) ended up having an upset stomach on Friday and Saturday, probably from nerves at being in a strange house. She was better by Saturday night and fine on Sunday. So that was pretty much it for the weekend: working, sitting with sick but very sweet dog, and watching the Ocean's 11 movies.

I am going to be at WorldCon, and will be reading from the new Raksura book The Edge of Worlds. My schedule is here.

Here's a question from the web site:

Wes asked: Is there a possibility of getting "The Edge Of Worlds" as an audio book? If so can you give a general ETA?

Yes, there is a possibility but it depends on whether Audible makes the decision to acquire the audio rights, which depends on how well the previous audio books in the series sell. If they do decide to make it an audio book, hopefully it will come out at the same time as the print and ebook. Hopefully we'll also get the same narrator, Christopher Kipiniak.

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I feel cruelly taunted when I look at the preorder date. :) is that accurate? *heavy sigh*

Probably. I'm just hoping it doesn't get pushed back!

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