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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Atlantis - dark sky outline

WorldCon Report Part II and Question Time

I don't think I emphasized enough how bad the smoke from the forest fires was on Friday. My friend and I went out to get sandwiches, then had to go to the RiteAid and the streets were almost empty and the sky was brown. Lisa said, "Where's the sun?" and I said, "The sun's gone, Lisa! Get used to it! This is the end!" Fortunately the masquerade was a great mood-lifter.

After the panel on Saturday, I did my Koffe Klatsh, then we did another turn around the dealer's room. We went out to eat and found a Japanese restaurant that turned out to be both cheap and really good. (They had tatami mat rooms and everything.) Then we went back to the room and watched the Hugos on livestream. The beginning where Tananarive Due cosplayed Uhura fighting Death (the giant one from the Terry Pratchett exhibit) for the Hugos was the absolute best. David Gerrold cosplayed three of the Doctors and the bit with the Dalek was also great. We basically cheered a lot throughout the night and probably scared the neighbors.

Sunday Lisa went to spend the day with family in town, and I went back to the con and wandered around a little and caught the end of Ann Leckie's reading. Then I did a panel on Young Adults in Adult Fiction with Steven Gould, Nichole Giles, Shannon Page, and Fran Wilde. Then I went out to a very late lunch with a group, then wandered back to the hotel. It was late in the afternoon by that point, and I was worn out, so I just hung around the room and watched Acorn TV on the iPad. (I know, the excitement, the glamour.)

I also started to see tweets from people who were leaving, and having plane delays due to the smoke. In the morning Lisa had a much earlier flight than me, but I got a ride with her and her brother to the airport. My plane took off on time and everything seemed fine, but apparently there were problems in Seattle. I got to Salt Lake City, changed planes, and then to Houston, losing hours along the way, then had to drive home about an hour and a half.

WorldCon Photos on tumblr: http://marthawells.tumblr.com/post/127568633647/photos-from-worldcon-2015-in-spokane-wa-these and http://marthawells.tumblr.com/post/127569704947/more-worldcon-photos-from-the-exhibits-area

Question Time

I noticed I have some new people following me, so hello, new people! Information on my books is here: http://www.marthawells.com/ and I have written fantasy (both not very traditional and very untraditional), YA fantasy, media tie ins (Stargate: Atlantis and Star Wars) plus short stories and non-fiction articles.

If you're interested in my books and want to know where to start, you can ask me here, and it'll help if you tell me what kind of fantasy you like.

If you have a question about publishing in general, or the Raksura books, or the Ile-Rien books, or the media tie-ins, etc, etc, you can ask that here too.

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Yeah, the air at the moment -- I was going to drive over with some friends, but I'm asthmatic and I'm having enough problems here near Seattle. It sounds as if you had a good time despite that!

The Northwestern fires re-colored the sky in the Twin Cities, for at least one day.

Friday late afternoon going to the Masquerade was interesting: the sun was a large red orb, thanks to the light-bending due to the haze. And then they posted the signs on the theater where the Masquerade was due to open, about 10 minutes before they let us in, warning us not to stand outside waiting to get in, because it was hazardous to our health.

I saw worse smog in Los Angeles occasionally as a child, and once in Birmingham, Alabama. But not in the last 40 years.

Can I ask nerdy nit-picky questions? I feel weird asking these kinds of questions, but I really want to know. :/

1. Raksuran naming habits: generally Raksura like to give their clutches names that share a theme, but Jade and Moon gave their clutch generally unrelated names. Is it a 'rule' that doesn't apply to royal clutches? How did Jade come up with the names she chose?

2. Are Pearl and Ember expected to have a clutch? There's been no mention of it, so I was wondering if they're waiting until he's a bit older, or if she's SO DONE with kids and doesn't want more, or they just haven't gotten around to it...?

3. Presuming at least one of Jade & Moon's boys is a consort, has Frost decided which one she wants yet? (I just imagined her hearing that there were two males in the clutch and going "FINALLY. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER." And being very impatient while waiting to find out if one or both would be consorts because, like, really, why must they keep her in suspense?? Rude.)

4. Flower mentioned, regarding the way past mentors caused the mountain tree to grow in certain ways, that their court had lost so much knowledge. Do Raskura do any kind of...study away type of thing? Would Heart or Merit go to Emerald Twilight, for example, to learn from their mentors how to manipulate the mountain tree? Or would another mentor come to them? Or is that just done via book exchange?


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