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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate in Distance

Links and Question Answers


* Six of the Weirdest Fantasy Worlds Ever Created The Cloud Roads is on this list.

* For Books' Sake: For Books' Sake Talks to Martha Wells

* Cushing Library Releases Digitized Media Fanzine Collection
Cushing Memorial Library and Archives is pleased to announce that it is now able to offer free, limited online public access to select titles in the Sandy Hereld Memorial Digitized Media Fanzine Collection. Since the collection was first initiated in 2013, access to its materials was previously restricted to only those with a Texas A&M-approved ID until additional permissions could be obtained from the fanzine creators who contributed to the collection.

New Books

* Ghost Summer by Tananarive Due
Tananarive Due, a winner of the American Book Award and an Essence and Los Angeles Times bestselling author, brings you her debut short fiction collection! The title novella, Ghost Summer, won a Kindred Award from the Carl Brandon Society (originally published in The Ancestors). This collection includes Patient Zero, The Lake, The Knowing, Herd Immunity, and many other stories.

* Temporally Out of Order edited by Joshua Palmatier
In this collection, seventeen leading science fiction authors share their take on what happens when gadgets run temporally amok. From past to future, humor to horror, there's something for everyone. Join Seanan McGuire, Elektra Hammond, David B. Coe, Chuck Rothman, Faith Hunter, Edmund R. Schubert, Steve Ruskin, Sofie Bird, Laura Resnick, Amy Griswold, Laura Anne Gilman, Susan Jett, Gini Koch, Christopher Barili, Stephen Leigh, Juliet E. McKenna, and Jeremy Sim as they investigate how ordinary objects behaving temporally out of order can change our everyday lives.

Raksura Questions

nthngtoseehere asked:

1. Raksuran naming habits: generally Raksura like to give their clutches names that share a theme, but Jade and Moon gave their clutch generally unrelated names. Is it a 'rule' that doesn't apply to royal clutches? How did Jade come up with the names she chose?

It's not really a rule, it's more of a just a thing that's done sometimes. All the names Jade chose were from past queens and consorts of the court, except for Fern, who was the female Arbora baby that Sorrow saved along with Moon, and who he thought was his sister.

2. Are Pearl and Ember expected to have a clutch? There's been no mention of it, so I was wondering if they're waiting until he's a bit older, or if she's SO DONE with kids and doesn't want more, or they just haven't gotten around to it...?

They probably will, once Ember's a bit older. For one thing, they'll want to bring Ember's Emerald Twilight bloodline into the court.

3. Presuming at least one of Jade & Moon's boys is a consort, has Frost decided which one she wants yet? (I just imagined her hearing that there were two males in the clutch and going "FINALLY. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER." And being very impatient while waiting to find out if one or both would be consorts because, like, really, why must they keep her in suspense?? Rude.)

That will probably be a whole story in itself! Though right now I think Frost is still at the age where she's not going to be too interested in them until they're old enough to play.

4. Flower mentioned, regarding the way past mentors caused the mountain tree to grow in certain ways, that their court had lost so much knowledge. Do Raskura do any kind of...study away type of thing? Would Heart or Merit go to Emerald Twilight, for example, to learn from their mentors how to manipulate the mountain tree? Or would another mentor come to them? Or is that just done via book exchange?

I think for that to happen the courts would have to very close allies. That might be something I'd address in a future story.

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I know they were going for shock value with their title, but I think your Raksura world is unusual, not 'strange'.

In my opinion, you found the perfect balance between unusual and relatable. Meaning, there are a lot of traits in the Raksura that are not usual human traits, yet they have enough in common with us that readers find many things to relate to.

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