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Jack and Teal'c

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We got a burst of actual rain yesterday, heavy and long enough to actually do some good. It wasn't in the forecast but I feel the combination of a) being at a quilt show with people who were buying fabric and b) me leaving the car window open was enough of an elemental tug on the universe to make it happen.

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I've been watering my garden finally in hopes of setting the cosmic forces in favor of rain, but so far it's been north, south, east, and west of me. I should try leaving my car windows down, hmm, and perhaps some laundry out to dry will substitute for the quilt show?

We have a small chance of rain tomorrow, so I may try using laundry to lure it in.

And perhaps try painting a bit of the house trim. Wet paint that needs to dry is a great rainmaker!

Yes! Or wood stain, that also works.

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